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You might have heard about how digital twins are revolutionizing planning, execution, and management of construction projects across all phases, from design to owner operations. Much of this is happening on the Matterport platform that leverages 3D scanning technology to create precise, interactive, high-resolution digital twins.


These digital replicas mirror physical spaces and can fundamentally reshape the approach to design, collaboration, and decision-making in the AEC world. Explore how Matterport's game-changing technology sets new standards and powers a brighter future in AEC.


What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual 3d model of a real-world physical space, providing a dynamic mirror of the area. For stakeholders in the AEC industry, digital twins can be precious, offering a precise, interactive visualization of buildings or sites.


 Try it for yourself! Check out this interactive 3D model. 

Explore a digital twin of new construction on the Matterport platform. 


As an AEC professional, you can use digital twins to better understand, manage, and optimize your projects by providing reality-captured data and insights, facilitating effective planning, problem-solving, and decision-making. 


At the forefront of this digital revolution is Matterport, a hardware and SaaS software system that creates high-resolution digital twins using 3D scanning technology.


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This article offers an in-depth guide on leveraging Matterport's digital twin technology and the transformative impact it can have on AEC projects.

Unraveling the Impact of Digital Twins in AEC

The extensive benefits of Digital Twin technology span several critical areas, including:


Enhancing project planning and collaboration: Digital twin tech provides a detailed, accurate representation of sites, facilitating improved planning and coordination among stakeholders.


Increasing accuracy and minimizing errors: By reducing the risk of measurement errors, digital twins can help prevent costly rework.


Delivering significant time and cost savings: Digital twins can quickly capture site conditions, eliminating the need for repeated site visits and lengthy manual measurements, leading to considerable time and cost savings.


Reducing the need for on-site personnel during site surveys: By capturing comprehensive site data in one visit, digital twins minimize the need for large survey teams, enhancing efficiency and safety.


Operate and measure distances inside of digital twins

Take measurements and label critical areas inside a digital twin to share.  


Matterport's virtual 3D walkthroughs, a digital twin of the physical space, replace traditional 2D photos, providing a more immersive and accurate visualization of spaces.


Matterport: Revolutionizing AEC with Digital Twins

Capturing real-world data and creating digital twins allow project stakeholders to examine and interact with the site remotely, improving collaboration and decision-making.


Advanced measurement and annotation tools: Matterport enables precise measurements within the 3D model and the addition of notes and labels, facilitating better communication among stakeholders.


Integration with project management software: With seamless software integration, Matterport enhances project management efficiency, enabling construction project managers to resolve up to 75% of project issues independently.


Efficient collaboration: Matterport acts as a "single source of truth," ensuring everyone can access the same accurate site data, fostering better collaboration among project stakeholders.


Share information and collaborate with digital twins


The Matterport Platform: A Comprehensive Tool for AEC

A Matterport account provides a centralized, user-friendly space for all spatial data that includes the following functionality:


Mattertags, labels, and notes: These features allow for detailed annotations within the digital twin, enhancing communication and collaboration among project teams.


Add-ons: The platform offers add-ons such as MatterPacks, e57 point clouds, and BIM models, enabling more comprehensive project documentation.


Reduced person-hours for BIM file creation: With the option to order BIM files directly from the platform, companies can significantly reduce the time and workforce required for BIM creation.


Add Mattertags and share Digital Twin with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Connect Matterport to Autodesk Construction Cloud for enhanced workflow.

Matterport 3D Scanners: A Revolutionary Tool for AEC

Matterport 3D Scanners come with a host of features and capabilities that set them apart in the AEC industry:


High-resolution digital twins: Matterport scanners can create accurate digital replicas of physical spaces, enabling project stakeholders to examine and interact with the site remotely.


Advanced measurement and annotation tools: These scanners allow for precise measurements within the 3D model and the addition of notes and labels, facilitating better communication among stakeholders.


Integration with project management software: Matterport, integrating seamlessly with software, boosts project management efficiency and empowers users to resolve up to 75% of project issues independently.


Quick production of 360-degree photographs: Matterport scanners allow for the fast and easy creation of panoramic photos, enhancing the visualization of project sites.


Efficient collaboration: The technology enables better collaboration among project stakeholders, ensuring everyone can access the same accurate site data.



Success Spotlight: Gilbane's Transformation with Matterport

Gilbane, a renowned construction industry name, has harnessed Matterport technology's power to achieve impressive results. By leveraging Matterport's 3D Scanners, Gilbane has experienced the following:


Fantastic time and cost savings: With the ability to capture site conditions quickly and accurately, Gilbane has significantly reduced the time and money spent on on-site visits and data collection.


Enhanced project management and collaboration: Matterport's digital twins and collaborative features have streamlined Gilbane's project management processes, enabling better coordination and communication among stakeholders.


Accelerated design-build phases: Using Matterport's BIM files, Gilbane has expedited the design-build process, leading to faster project completion times.


Embracing the Future with Matterport

The AEC industry is rapidly evolving, and technologies like Matterportare paving the way forward. By embracing Matterport, AEC companies can stay ahead of the curve, delivering projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.


In addition to its impact on the AEC industry, Matterport's potential extends into other sectors, such as real estate, where it can make listings stand out with engaging 3D tours.


In conclusion, Matterport's digital twins offer a powerful tool for the AEC industry, providing numerous benefits to all stakeholders involved in a project. By adopting this technology, AEC firms can realize significant time and cost savings, improved project outcomes, and a positive financial impact.


From planning to execution, Matterport can streamline the AEC process, enhancing collaboration, reducing errors, and driving efficiency at every stage. With Matterport, the future of AEC is here.


Are you ready to leverage the power of Matterport in your AEC projects? Visit TAVCO today to explore our collection of Matterport 3D Scanners and learn more about how this transformative technology can revolutionize your AEC operations.

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Step into the future of AEC with Matterport and TAVCO. We look forward to helping you revolutionize your AEC operations.

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