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Tom Green & Company Engineers, Inc. (TGCE) has provided comprehensive and innovative mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services to clients in the public and private sectors since 1985. 


By integrating state-of-the-art engineering methodologies and 3D design capabilities, TGCE has established itself as a leader in the industry. In this TAVCO client showcase, we explore TGCE's recent accomplishments, ongoing projects, and how their long-standing partnership with TAVCO contributes to their success.


Achievements and Growth:

Setting itself apart from other MEP firms, TGCE has worked directly with owners, securing dozens of commissions for public sector projects in recent years. With over $100 million in MEP construction designed annually and a growing forensics and troubleshooting market segment, the firm continues to expand its reach and expertise.


TGCE is currently involved in two high-profile projects.


The Capitol Complex Phase 2 for the Texas Facilities Commission is a significant undertaking. [ project details ]


Additionally, the firm is working on the Ambulatory Care Buildings 2/3 for UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, which will be part of the world's most significant ambulatory care footprint upon completion. [ project details ]


TGCE Engineering Project

Example of a TGCE MEP Project

Revolutionizing Complex Renovations:

TGCE's complex renovations team has recently achieved a milestone by installing several million dollars of MEP equipment in a single weekend using their hyper-accelerated construction delivery methodology.


They attribute part of their recent success to their active use of 3D existing building conditions documentation with Matterport scanners and MatterPak software, coupled with close collaboration with the construction team.


Mike Wong - Business Manager - TGCE

Mike Wong, Business Manager - TGCE

"Our complex renovations team has also reached a milestone by installing over several million dollars of MEP equipment renovated/installed in a single weekend with our hyper-accelerated construction delivery methodology. 


Our success in this arena begins with our 3D existing building conditions documentation that employs Matterport scanners and the MatterPak software package as the foundation of this process. 


We then couple that process with a high-quality design process in collaboration with the construction team to yield these fantastic results for our Owners. We would be happy to discuss how we can lower disruption and downtime while renewing your MEP systems on your site!

Mike Wong, Business Manager"


TAVCO's Support:

For decades, TAVCO has supported TGCE with wide-format equipment from Oce and Canon and 3D scanners from Leica and Matterport. In addition, TGCE uses several 3D scanners to capture their 3D point clouds, including the Leica BLK360, Matterport Pro2, and Matterport Pro3


TAVCO has provided valuable expertise and resources on Matterport technology, a cornerstone of TGCE's renovation methodology..


Summarizing TGCE

Tom Green & Company Engineers continues to excel in providing innovative engineering solutions for various projects. To learn more about their services, visit


With TAVCO's support in AEC technology, clients like TGCE are better equipped to bring their engineering visions to life, delivering outstanding results for clients across various industries.


To collaborate with TGCE, contact Michael Wong at or 512-345-7793 (office).


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