Matterport MC300 Pro3 Acceleration Kit Bundle

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High-quality LiDAR 3D scanning camera

The fastest and easiest way to 3D Scan to BIM

Scan both outdoors and indoors with no loss of fidelity

Scan the world around you and create digital twins with the Matterport MC300 Pro3 3D Digital Camera. Add incredible value to your architectural, engineering, and construction data using precise LiDAR scanning.

In the box (Acceleration Kit Upgrade):

  • Pro3 camera
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 charging kit
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 tripod
  • 1 tripod mount
  • 1 wheeled dolly for tripod
  • 2 door stops
  • 1 hard case
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 lens cloth
  • 10 E57 files
  • 10 Matterpacks
  • 3-year warranty*** (While it is offered - 1 year is standard)

The Acceleration bundle includes the Pro3 camera, a charging kit, two batteries, a tripod mount, a tripod, a tripod dolly, two door stops, a hard case, and a backpack. You also get ten free Matterport E57 point clouds and ten free Matterpaks enabled with a separately available cloud subscription.

Like its predecessor, the Pro2, the Matterport Pro3 allows you to create virtual 3D models, layouts, and floorplans of physical spaces, as well as edit and share them using the Matterport app and digital twin technology cloud service.

The Pro3 is updated with fast, highly accurate LiDAR-based scanning with 20mm accuracy within a 33' range, and it has a maximum 328' scanning range.

Even with its larger range, it can scan 4x faster than the Pro2, and it has an enhanced mesh that captures much more detail in its 3D models.

A new feature of the Pro3 is removable and swappable batteries that let you use it for long shooting days. These updated features make it even easier and faster to create 3D tours and walkthroughs for your clients.  And you can also easily create VR presentations for architecture designs and projects.

Send your scans to your iPhone or Android phone, and the Matterport software processes the data and stitches the images into a 3D model and 360° panorama. You will have access to a wide range of high-quality addons that let you explore model formats such as MatterPaks, E57, floor plans, and BIM files.

Create walkthroughs, 3D tours, floor plans, schematic maps, and professional quality 2D still capture output. The Matterport cloud service requires a separately obtained login and provides collaboration, customization such as metadata tags, modeling file export, and editing tools.

Make custom metadata using the Matterport API, which allows the use of custom editing applications, connection to Google Street View, and uploading and viewing on other services such as real estate, VR, or modeling websites.

Along with viewing the footage on your phone, browser, or editing application, you can also view 3D/VR footage using the Matterport VR application in a VR headset such as Oculus Go, or by using your iPhone or Android phone with Google Cardboard VR.

Note: Matterport Pro3 cameras require a Matterport Professional or Business subscription plan to access your 3D models, floor plans, Mattertags, and more.

Subscription Options

Subscription Required

All Matterport Pro3 cameras require a Matterport Professional or Business subscription plan to access your 3D models, floor plans, Mattertags. These features and more advanced addons can be purchased on the Matterport website.

Free Tier

You get one active space and one user to view privately in the cloud, download photos and videos, and take measurements; it works with iPhone and is supported by 360 cameras only.

Starter Tier

You get five active spaces and two users to share and embed anywhere, publish to, publish to Google Street View free for a limited time, worldwide Capture Services in 700+ cities, and basic space traffic analytics, as well as all the Free tier features; it works with iPhone and supported by 360 cameras only.

Professional Tier

You get 25 active spaces and five users for small team collaboration, automatic face blurring, MatterPak technical files for a small cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), schematic floor plans for a small cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), as well as all the Starter tier features; works with iPhone and all cameras.

Business Tier

You get 125 active spaces and 25 users for large team collaboration, account administration, export traffic reports, MatterPak technical files for an even smaller cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), schematic floor plans for an even smaller cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), as well as all the Professional tier features; works with iPhone and all cameras.

General Features

Transport Vivid Reality into the Virtual World

Pro3 can make indoor and outdoor captures to create a single, high-quality Matterport model of an entire space and its surroundings. The custom 20MP sensor with a 12-element lens covers an ultra-wide angle, producing accurate, detailed digital twins in brilliant, lifelike color.

Fast LiDAR Scanning

The Pro3's ultrafast, high-precision LiDAR sensor can run for hours, is surprisingly compact, and takes millions of measurements in any conditions. It creates higher-density 3D models with an accuracy of 20mm at 393' and a measurement range up to 328'. At less than 20 seconds per sweep, Pro3 speeds up the scanning process, leaving more time for collaborating.

Upgraded Accuracy

A greater range combined with faster individual scans makes it possible to capture large spaces in a fraction of the time; the Pro3 scans up to 4X faster than Pro2. Pro3, together with the Matterport advanced cloud processing platform, delivers digital twins that are more accurate, detailed, and true to life than ever before.

Enhanced Detail with Digital Twins

Enhanced mesh shows greater detail in 3D models for an improved dollhouse view, accurate measurements, and more accurate tagging. Digital twins help you manage your facilities, down to the smallest detail, with more accurate measurements and estimates for cleaning, repairs, compliance, space planning, and more.

Swappable Batteries

Swappable batteries can support all-day scanning.

Hardware Specifications - Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera MC300
Depth technology LiDAR
Laser Class 1 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014)
Wavelength 904mn
Field of view 360° H / 295° V
Accuracy +/- 20mm @10m
Depth resolution 100k points per second
1.5M points per scan
Min operating range 0.5m
Max operating range Up to 100m (only available with E57 file)
3D Data Registration Automatic
Output pano pixels 134.2 MP
Number of exposures per HDR frame 5
White Balance Automatic, full model
Capture speed <20 seconds per scan
Camera boot time <40 seconds
Wireless communication BLE to setup WiFi connection
WiFi 802.11 5GHz communication with mobile device running Matterport App
Dimensions 181mm x 161.4mm x76mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Battery >220 scans assuming continuous, consecutive scans
Battery charge time 2.5 hours 80% charge
3.5 hours 100% charge
Mounting mechanism Quick release (QR) tripod mount, Female 3/8-16 thread
GPS Included
Operating temperature 0C to 40C
Storage temperature -20C to 60C
Ingress protection IP43


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