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Version: NLL - Stand-alone license
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    What's included

    • Digital download of SDI Office VTOF
    • FlexLM license
    • 1-year annual maintenance (all major and minor updates, plus priority support)
    • Remote installation, configuration, and training support direct from SDI, Inc.

    View, convert, export, and printer complex graphics files.

    SDI Office is a powerful, yet user friendly, graphics application for viewing, converting, exporting, and printing an extensive range of vector and raster file formats. 

    SDI Office is widely used in the oil & gas, automotive, and aerospace industries because of it's ability to handle files in a wide-range of formats generated by specialist applications. 

    Well Log Printing Support

    • Virtual Top of Form (VTOF) arithmetically calibrates fanfold paper with an accompanying plotter so as to offer software-controlled top of form printing to devices otherwise unable to detect registration marks on fanfold paper.
    • Automatic concatenation of multi-page PDF well logs - removes the page breaks, creates a single long image, and promotes continuous printing.
    • Unlimited length printing for well logs. 
    • Asymmetrical scaling enables "Fit to Width" while retaining the original vertical scale of the well log. 
    • Print well logs, seismic, maps and posters using the same printer.

      Other Features

      • View multiple 2-D formats including CGM, PDF, PostScript, HPGL, DWG/DXF, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, XWD and CALS.
      • Zoom, scroll and rotate the image and even copy and paste into associated Windows applications. Select and utilize the files hotpots.
      • Print the whole file or a selected viewport with either standard Windows drivers or via the optional SDI APS - Advanced Printing System for more accurate printing control.
      • Convert files, via the export feature, to the available formats of CGM, PDF, PostScript, DWG, DXF, EMF, SVG, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP.

      SDI Office VTOF - GIS Image


      Operating system: Windows 64 bit

      Input formats: CGM (+, PIP, ATA, WebCGM, CALS), EMF, PDF, SVG, DWG/DXF, Postscript, EPS, HPGL/RTL, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF

      Supported printers: Canon, Epson, HP, iSys, Lexmark, Oce, OYO, Neuralog, Printrex, Ricoh, Xerox, and others.

      Licensing Options: Node Lock License (single station), Floating Network License (concurrent)

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