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TAVCO is committed to empowering AEC and related industries with cutting-edge technological solutions. We understand the challenges in transforming point cloud data into actionable CAD floorplans and BIM models. Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient services that help you achieve better outcomes.

The Problem We Solve

Facing the pressures of budget constraints, project deadlines, and the complexity of turning raw scans into usable models presents a significant hurdle for most companies.

TAVCO provides a turnkey solution to get the deliverables you need to complete your work quickly and affordably.

Convert point clouds and deliver more work on time and under budget.

Our Solution: e57 to Floor Plan/BIM Service

To get started, simply provide an e57 file captured on any device, and our experts will transform it into detailed digital assets tailored to your project's requirements. We'll analyze the file and provide you with a price quote for the conversion.

Our services include generating your choice of:

  • 2D Floor Plans in various formats (PDF, DWG)
  • 3D BIM models (Revit)
  • Custom outputs based on your specific needs

Benefits of Choosing Our Services:

  • Cost Savings & Reduced Timelines: Streamline project management and reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Accuracy & Compliance: Rest assured with precise outputs that meet regulatory standards, minimizing the risk of costly errors.
  • Enhanced Project Planning & Execution: Leverage our converted files for better project planning and execution, ensuring long-term ROI.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

File Requirements? Standard e57 files. For specifics, contact us directly.

Turnaround Times? Depends on the project size, typically 5-7 days.

Pricing? Based on square footage. Use our quote request form for an accurate estimate.

How Does This Service Complement Matterport Technology? Our conversion service optimizes your Matterport scans, making digital asset utilization more versatile and comprehensive.

How It Works: From Point Cloud to Precision

Submit Your e57 File: Upload your file through our easy-to-use portal.

Our Analysis: Our experts will evaluate your file to ensure the best possible outcome.

Transformation Begins: Sit back as we convert your file into the required digital assets.

Receive Your Digital Assets: Expect a quick turnaround with deliverables that meet your specifications. 

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Elevate your projects with efficient, high-quality digital assets. Let's transform your point cloud data into valuable resources that drive your success.

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Embark on a journey with TAVCO to revolutionize your projects with unmatched efficiency and precision. 

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