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Matterport, the industry-leading spatial data capture technology provider, has updated its subscription plans and pricing. The new subscription plans offer increased flexibility alongside the rich features and functionality we add to our digital twin platform yearly. 


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A New Chapter in Matterport's Subscription Plans

The company has substantially grown since Matterport introduced its subscription plans in 2019. Diverse industries worldwide fule the Matterport platform in new and exciting ways.


To keep pace with the rapid growth, Matterport has introduced changes to its subscription plans and pricing. The goal? To provide greater flexibility in finding a plan that fits your needs and budget. 

Understanding the New Matterport Subscription Plans

Matterport now offers a broader range of options for active spaces, allowing you to fine-tune the number of active spaces on your plan

Starter Plans

Matterport offers a range of Starter Plans that are available but have limited use. Users that capture data using Pro2, Pro3, and Leica BLK360 G1 scanners can not upload to Starter plans. Scans from those cameras mentioned require a Pro or Business Plan.

Professional Plans

Subscription Plan Active Spaces Allowed Collaborators Data for Attachments Monthly Price Annual Price
Pro 20 20 10 50 GB $65.00 $660.00
Pro 25 25 10 50 GB $75.00 $756.00
Pro 30 30 10 50 GB $89.00 $888.00
Pro 40 40 10 50 GB $115.00 $1,152.00
Pro 50 50 10 50 GB $140.00 $1,416.00
Pro 75 75 10 50 GB $202.00 $2,028.00
Pro 100 100 10 50 GB $261.00 $2,628.00
Pro 125 125 10 50 GB $319.00 $3,216.00
Pro 150 150 10 50 GB $376.00 $3,792.00


Business Plans

Subscription Plan Active Spaces Allowed Collaborators Data for Attachments Monthly Price Annual Price
Business 100 100 50 500 GB $321.00 $3,228.00
Business 125 125 50 500 GB $342.00 $3,456.00
Business 150 150 50 500 GB $405.00 $4,080.00
Business 200 200 50 500 GB $527.00 $5,316.00
Business 300 300 50 500 GB $764.00 $7,704.00


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New Policy for Larger Scan Points

In the past, Matterport's policy considered all spaces, regardless of size, as a single active space on a user's plan. This standard has been in place since Matterport the creation of Matterport. However, with technological advances, such as the Pro3 capture device and enhancements to the capture app and Cortex AI engine, users can now capture, process, and host significantly larger spaces.


These larger spaces, however, require more processing power and storage. So, to align its pricing structure more accurately with the costs and value delivered, Matterport is implementing a change.


Now, if an active space has over 200 scan points (usually sufficient to capture up to 10,000 sq. ft./1,000 sq. m, and even more significant in some instances), it will count as more than one active space on a user's plan.

Large Spaces with Many Scan Points

Number of Scan Points Active Spaces Used
Up to 200 1
201 - 500 2
501 - 1,000 3


In addition to the changes in scan points, Matterport also increased the number of collaborators allowed on each new subscription plan.


  • Starter plans now include three collaborators (up from 2).
  • Professional programs now include ten collaborators (up from 5).
  • Business plans now include 50 collaborators (up from 25).


This increased capacity enhances collaboration using digital twins by adding more power to embed images and PDFs into your Notes and Tags.

What It Means for Existing Customers

Current customers can take advantage of limited-time offers available until June 20, 2023, allowing you to lock in savings before the changes take effect.


If you already subscribe to a Matterport subscription, use Matterport 3D Cameras, such as the MC250 Pro2 3D Camera, the MC250 Pro2 Backpack Bundle Kit, or the MC300 Pro3 Acceleration Kit Bundle, you'll receive an email with specific details about how these changes affect your account.


And, for customers using the MC300 Pro3 LiDAR Camera, you'll be privy to additional benefits, allowing you to make the most of your technology.

Other FAQs About Matterport Subscriptions

How much does Matterport software cost? Matterport offers a variety of subscription plans, each with different features and storage capacities, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs regarding the number of project spaces and collaborators needed.


Do you have to pay for Matterport? No, you don't have to pay to use the basic version of Matterport. However, although creating a free account and using the basic features is possible, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription for more advanced features.


Can I use a Matterport camera without a subscription? Yes, you can use a Matterport camera without a subscription. However, keep in mind, you will not be able to upload or edit your scans, and you will not be able to publish them to the Matterport network.

Looking Ahead

These updates to Matterport's subscription plans and prices are a significant step forward regarding the company's commitment to providing solutions that meet the changing needs of its customers.


Whether you're an existing customer or considering switching to Matterport, now is the time to explore the new subscription plans and pricing. Discover how Matterport's innovative technology can revolutionize how you capture and use spatial data.


At TAVCO, we're here to help you navigate these changes and ensure you get the most out of your Matterport subscription. Please get in touch with a TAVCO specialist with any questions about these Matterport changes. We're excited to help you move forward with the new Matterport subscription plans and pricing!

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