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Safeguarding mid-level office equipment is crucial for maintaining business operations and profitability in today's technology-driven world. The Ametek ESP Digital QC Multi-Stage Power Conditioner provides a comprehensive solution for surge protection, noise filtration, and over-voltage shutdown to ensure optimal security for your business's electrical equipment. 



Secure your equipment with the Ametek ESP Digital QC Multi-Stage Power Conditioner.


What differentiates Ametek Professional-Grade Power Filters, like the Ametek ESP Digital QC Multi-Stage Power Conditioner, from standard "off-the-shelf" surge suppressors?


Ametek professional filters incorporate advanced Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) technology to protect against electrical disturbances, including surges, spikes, EMI/RFI noises, electrical transients, and wiring faults. In comparison, "off-the-shelf" surge suppressors typically offer essential surge protection without addressing the complete spectrum of electrical disturbances.


Ametek power conditioners provide multi-stage power protection, ensuring optimal performance through surge suppression, noise filtration, and over-voltage shutdown features.


This protection never degrades, even after repeated power events and anomalies offering lasting protection for your large-format printers and other sensitive office equipment. Unfortunately, standard surge suppressors often focus solely on surge suppression, lacking comprehensive protection.


Ametek professional filters have advanced power filters, eliminating EMI/RFI noise that can cause equipment malfunctions, error codes, and unnecessary service calls. In contrast, retail surge suppressors may not include advanced noise filtration capabilities, leaving the equipment vulnerable to electromagnetic and radio frequency disturbances interference.


Protect against EMF and EMI interference


Ametek power conditioners, like the Digital QC, often include features such as Cat5e ETL verified network surge and telephone line protection, safeguarding your business's data and communication lines from damaging electrical events. This protection level is generally unavailable in generic surge suppressors.


Therefore, Ametek designs professional filters to provide higher protection, advanced technology, and quality assurance compared to "off-the-shelf" surge suppressors. By investing in Ametek professional filters, businesses can ensure their electrical equipment's longevity and optimal performance, safeguarding their operations and profitability.


Upgrade to Ametek's professional-grade power filters for top-notch protection.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ametek Power Filters

How do you protect equipment from power spikes?

Investing in a high-quality power conditioner, like the Ametek ESP Digital QC Multi-Stage Power Conditioner, can protect equipment from damaging power spikes by effectively suppressing surge energy.


What device protects against damage from surges and spikes?

A power conditioner, specifically the Ametek ESP Digital QC Multi-Stage Power Conditioner, offers protection against damage from surges and spikes by providing complete surge suppression.


What is a device used to protect equipment against power spikes?

A surge suppressor and power conditioner, like the Digital QC, is designed to protect equipment against power spikes by suppressing surge energy and providing over-voltage shutdown. These units have proven to be game-changing for protecting TAVCO's fleet of plotters and other wide-format equipment. 


What do you use to protect against sparks or surges?

A high-quality power conditioner, such as the Digital QC, protects against sparks or surges by offering complete surge suppression and noise filtration.


The Digital QC provides comprehensive surge protection against damaging surges and spikes, safeguarding electrical equipment with its advanced Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) technology. ESP protects sensitive equipment from harmful electrical events and ensures smooth operation.


The Digital QC's advanced power filter eliminates EMI/RFI noise, reducing the risk of error codes, malfunction, and unnecessary service calls. In addition, by mitigating electrical transients and wiring faults, the Digital QC helps maintain the reliability and performance of connected office equipment.


Damaging surges, spikes, EMI/RFI noises, electrical transients, and wiring faults can cause catastrophic damage to electrical equipment. The Digital QC Multi-Stage Power Protection's over-voltage shutdown feature prevents damage by automatically shutting down the power supply when voltage levels exceed safe limits.


The Digital QC also ensures additional protection for connected network and telephone lines with its Cat5e ETL verified protection. This feature safeguards your business's data and communication lines from damaging electrical events, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reduced downtime.


The Digital QC Power Conditioner is suitable for a wide range of mid-level office equipment, including computers, printers, copiers, and servers. In real-life scenarios, Digital QC proves invaluable by preventing equipment damage, maintaining performance, and ensuring the longevity of your electrical equipment.



Ametek Digital QC Case Study

A case study was conducted by Image Source (Now Visual Edge), a leading provider of office technology in San Bernadino, CA, to investigate why their equipment was malfunctioning and experiencing downtime. They installed ESP power filters from AMETEK Electronic System Protection during the trial.


The study showed a 31% decrease in service calls on the "Test Group" with filters and a 14% increase in Mean Copies Between Visits. This result demonstrated that an ESP Power Protection Policy should be standard practice within the office equipment industry. [ Read other case studies here ].


Final Thoughts About Ametek Power Filters

Ametek ESP Digital QC Multi-Stage Power Conditioners offer comprehensive protection for your office equipment, ensuring your business remains profitable and your equipment is safe from damaging electrical events. Proper equipment protection, like the Digital QC, is essential for long-term business success and safety.


How do you protect your valuable office electronics? Leave your comments below. 

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