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3D scanning technology has become crucial for various building design and construction industries. Likewise, AEC professionals now recognize the value of generating precise digital twins of job sites, objects, and structures to streamline our operations.


These digital counterparts can be applied across various sectors, from facilities management and real estate marketing to our core focus—construction—enabling us to capture vital information, enhance project efficiency, and ensure accuracy throughout the project lifecycle.


Comparing the Leica BLK360 and Matterport MC300 Pro3

Two of the most popular LiDAR 3D scanning devices on the market today are the Leica BLK360 and the Matterport MC300 Pro3. Let's compare these two devices to see better which suits your needs.


Leica BLK360: Compact Laser Scanner with Thermal Imaging Capability

The Leica BLK360 is a lightweight, compact laser scanner that captures 360-degree images and full-color panoramic photos. It has a range of up to 60 meters and can capture up to 360,000 points per second. The BLK360 is easy to use, with a one-button interface that makes it accessible to non-technical users.


Leica BLK360 G1 Scanning Device

Pictured: Leica BLK360 G1 LiDAR Scanner


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One of the unique features of the BLK360 is its ability to capture thermal imaging data using internal FLIR technology (Forward looking infrared). This sensor allows the BLK360 G1 to capture thermal images, making the BLK360 an excellent choice for building inspections and other applications where temperature data is critical.


Note: Although there is a newer BLK360 2nd Generation Unit available that is faster, the newer model is not equipped with the FLIR thermal scanner. So, if that type of imaging is important to you, then the the G1 version is the right choice. 


The Leica BLK360 is compatible with various software applications, including Autodesk ReCap, Leica Cyclone, and others. This dynamic compatibility makes it versatile for multiple industries, from construction to facilities management.


Matterport MC300 Pro3: High-Resolution Imaging for Immersive 3D Tours

The Matterport MC300 Pro3 is a professional-grade 3D camera that captures high-resolution images and point clouds. It has a range of up to 15 meters and can capture up to 134 megapixels of visual data. Furthermore, the MC300 Pro3 captures detailed images quickly and easily with its one-button capture process, which only takes seconds.


Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Scanner

Pictured: Matterport Pro3 LiDAR scanner


Real estate professionals and property managers can benefit from the MC300 Pro3 as it enables the creation of immersive 3D tours to be easily shared online. It is also suitable for use in construction as it helps streamline the documentation process and minimize errors.


The Matterport MC300 Pro3 is compatible with many software applications, including the Matterport Capture app, which allows you to capture, edit, and share your 3D scans easily. It also supports the e57 file format, an open format for storing point cloud data.


Choosing the Right 3D Scanner for Your Needs

The Leica BLK360 and the Matterport MC300 Pro3 offer powerful 3D scanning capabilities, but which suits your needs? Here are a few key factors to consider:


Range: If you need to capture large spaces or outdoor areas, the Leica BLK360's range of up to 60 meters may be more suitable. However, if you primarily need to capture smaller indoor spaces, the Matterport MC300 Pro3's suggested range of 8 meters between setups might be sufficient.


Speed: The Matterport MC300 Pro3 is designed for quick and easy capture, with a one-button interface that takes seconds to use. The Leica BLK360 is also easy to use, but its capture process may take longer.


Applications: Consider the specific applications you'll use your 3D scanner for. If you need to capture thermal data or work with particular software applications, the Leica BLK360 may be a better choice. On the other hand, if you need to create immersive 3D tours for real estate marketing or streamline construction documentation, the Matterport MC300 Pro3 may be the better option.


Ultimately, the decision of When it comes to the data format, both the Leica BLK360 and Matterport MC300 Pro3 are compatible with the Matterport online platform and support the widely-used e57 file format. Most 3D modeling and CAD software utilize this format.


Choosing between the Leica BLK360 and the Matterport Pro3 will depend on your needs. The BLK360 is more powerful and better suited for large-scale projects, while the Pro3 is more user-friendly and has better color capture. 


A Cost-Effective Alternative: Matterport MC250 Pro2

If you want to capture reality but don't need LiDAR, the Matterport MC250 Pro2 is an excellent option for cost-effective 3D scanning.


Pictured: Matterport Pro2 Infrared 3D scanner 


The Matterport MC250 Pro2 utilizes infrared sensors to capture spatial data, offering accurate measurements and 3D models without LiDAR technology. While LiDAR provides more precise data and longer-range capabilities, the Pro2's infrared sensors deliver a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for various applications, particularly in real estate, architecture, and facilities management.


The Matterport Pro2 is a versatile 3D scanning solution that captures high-resolution images and integrates seamlessly with the Matterport Capture app for streamlined editing and sharing. Its user-friendly operation, compatibility with popular platforms, and infrared sensor technology make it attractive for professionals seeking an efficient and affordable alternative to LiDAR-based 3D scanners.


Further Reading and Resources on 3D Scanning Technology

Whether you're in facilities management, real estate, or construction, 3D scanning can provide numerous benefits. To learn more about 3D scanning and its applications, check out these related articles:



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Whether involved in architecture, engineering, construction, or real estate, 3D scanning technology, and digital twins can transform your work. By using devices like the Matterport Pro3 or the Leica BLK360, you'll experience a more efficient workflow, cost savings, and enhanced precision. 

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