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Facilities managers wear many hats and have plenty of responsibilities with the maintenance, upkeep, and operation of various facilities, such as office buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. In addition to overseeing maintenance and repair work, these professionals must manage budgets, coordinate with vendors and contractors, and ensure safety and health regulations for staff and tenants.

So, it is a no-brainer if technology can make their jobs more effortless and efficient. That is why many facilities managers are starting to 3D scan their properties with a Matterport scanner. This 3D technology creates a digital twin of the facility and enables virtual tours.


Saving Time & Money

Matterport scanners are easy-to-use tools that allow professionals to survey existing buildings and report on building layouts and conditions to manage maintenance and develop remodeling plans.

Using Matterport, it is possible to decrease the time needed to create building layouts by up to 80%. This time savings also reduces the cost of site surveying and as-built modeling.


Matterport Scanner Equipment

The Matterport MC250 Pro2 is a professional 3D camera from Matterport commonly used by facilities management personnel. Since the scanner connects to the Matterport App on your iPhone or Android, it is intuitive and easy to learn.

It captures your space in 360-degree 3D, and the software automatically stitches the images into a 3D model and 360° panoramic image. Additionally, the Matterport cloud service allows for collaboration and customization, such as metadata tags, modeling file export, and editing tools.


Matterport Pro2 for Facilities Management


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The image quality of the Pro2 is superb, but it can be challenging to scan large spaces and outdoors. For larger areas and difficult lighting conditions, such as full sunlight, a LiDAR scanner is a better fit.

Two LiDAR scanners are to consider, the Matterport Pro3 and the Leica BLK360 G1 (1st Generation). Both are fully compatible with the Matterport Platform and deliver a similar experience with better-quality scans.


Matterport Benefits

Matterport scanners capture buildings in photo-realistic 3D, providing professionals with a detailed view of the building's structure and the dimensions of any equipment. This image is called a digital twin, an immersive and interactive representation of the building, providing professionals with critical building intelligence.

The collected data eliminates the need for time-consuming manual measurements and allows professionals to import 3D e57 point clouds or OBJ files directly into their BIM software.

The 3D render created by Matterport allows professionals to design modifications and upgrades and see how they will work before beginning construction. Additionally, they can capture dimensional data to document structure, above-ground utilities, and equipment.


Downloadable Assets to Integrate into Your Current Workflow

Users can view and share the 3D digital twins once the scan is completed and uploaded to the Matterport cloud. Also, from the Matterport platform, facility managers have access to download additional assets:


Matterport Addons enhance the functionality of digital twins


MatterPak - The MatterPak™ Bundle is a collection of assets that can be downloaded and exported from Matterport 3D data. Professionals in architecture, construction, development, and design can easily import the assets into various programs to streamline their design, development, or management processes with the MatterPak™ Bundle.

Matterport e57 File: Maximize your 3D collaborative workflow with Matterport Digital Twins as your central source of truth. Easily incorporate the vendor-independent Matterport .e57 point cloud file format into most 3D design software, covering the entire project lifecycle from design to construction to management.

The Matterport E57 add-on revolutionizes the registration process for point clouds with its end-to-end automation, thanks to the power of Matterport's Cortex AI engine. This results in faster and more efficient processing at scale.

Made to Order BIM Files: The Matterport Dashboard makes it easy to download building information models (BIM).RVT and . DWG format, with a LOD 200 level of detail. Processing times can range from 2 to 30 business days, depending on the complexity and size of the project. Some projects, such as those categorized as "special consideration," may require additional time.

However, some spaces with unique or complex elements, such as mechanical rooms or data centers, may require special consideration. Remember that getting BIM files is limited to scans made on either the Matterport Pro3 LiDDAR or Leica BLK360 G1 cameras.

Improve Team Communications

Matterport also allows for easy collaboration between distant teams, with the digital twin accessible from anywhere in the world. This dynamic functionality allows for smooth communication and remote coordination between teams. Additionally, managers can more easily optimize equipment installation, create equipment inventory, keep track of maintenance, and train employees.


Understand the Limitations

3D scanning is a powerful tool; however, there are a few things to remember. First, the Matterport Pro2 uses an infrared sensor, which cannot scan long distances and is almost impossible to use in bright sunlight.

For large areas, long distances, and extreme lighting conditions, a laser-powered LiDAR scanner is needed. Also, regardless of the technology, all terrestrial scanning is "line-of-sight." So, some facilities are more prone to create shadow areas. The way to combat shadows is to scan more setup points (scan locations).


Takeaways for Facility Managers

Facilities managers use Matterport 3D technology to survey and document existing buildings to manage maintenance and develop remodeling plans. Using Matterport, users can decrease the time by up to 80% to create building layouts, site surveying, and as-built modeling.

A Matterport Pro2 or Pro3 scanner captures buildings in photo-realistic 3D, providing a detailed view of the building's structure and allowing for easy collaboration between distant teams.

Additionally, Matterport can optimize equipment installation, create equipment inventory, keep track of maintenance, and train employees. Overall, Matterport allows facilities management professionals to save time and money while improving their work processes.

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