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With all the digital files shared today through design and construction, smaller AEC firms are looking for compact multifunction systems to print, copy, and scan their architectural drawings. In that case, A small contractor or architecture firm would be excited about upgrading to the Canon TM-305 MFP because of its increased scan speeds and advanced software capabilities.

The Canon TM Series allows for fast and high-quality large-format image capture-to-output, and its versatility makes it suitable for many departments and applications.


TM-305 MFP Design

The package includes a 36-inch imagePROGRAF TM-300 or TM-305 main unit with Stand & Basket, a 15.6" All-In-One touchscreen computer, a color scanner, and onboard scanning software.

The compact design of the imagePROGRAF TM-305 MFP Z36 includes a T36 scanner that attaches to the top of the printer and a 15.6" touchscreen computer that connects directly to the printer stand.

The touchscreen monitor makes it easy for users to preview documents for editing and mark-up, and the embedded USB port provides convenience. In addition, the system allows the scanner and printer to work independently, which can help increase productivity.

Enhanced Scanner Technology

The Z36 scanner incorporates SingleSensor Technology Assembly, which helps provide consistent and better color accuracy with more detail in the shadows and highlights than a staggered CIS array scanner.

Additionally, it features a 1200 dpi maximum optical resolution, 9600 dpi maximum resolution, and an image scanning width of up to 36 inches.

It can scan documents up to 38 inches wide, scanning speeds of up to 13 inches per second in black/white and 6 inches per second in full color, a USB 3.0 interface, and a transfer rate of 75 Mbytes/sec.

Powerful Software Included

The SmartWorks MFP software allows for efficient batch scanning and helps create quality scanned images. Users can scan to PDF, TIFF, and JPEG file formats, and the software features a scan-to-multipage PDF, scan lengths of up to 315 inches (26 ft), and the ability to scan documents up to 2.0mm thick with a straight paper path.


Benefits for a Small AEC Office

With a Canon TM-305 MFP, a small contractor or architecture firm can easily copy, scan, archive, and share maps, drawings, renderings, and posters. Having all this functionality accessible in the office lets them easily share information with other partners and stakeholders, making their workflow more efficient and their workday easier.


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