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Any AEC professional in Texas and the Gulf States knows well that the Summer of 2023's record-setting heat wave was no joke for site crews. As job sites deal with ever-rising temperatures, Matterport's suite of digital twin and 3D scanning technologies is proving to be a game-changer.


Read on to learn how this groundbreaking technology can effectively minimize your team's exposure to extreme heat.


The Risks of Extreme Heat on Jobsites

Extreme heat is more than just an inconvenience; it's a significant safety risk that affects performance, attention, and, ultimately, the success of your projects. A comprehensive Construction Safety Plan that incorporates Matterport's 3D scanning technology becomes essential, not only for compliance but for the well-being of your team.


The reason for this is because this technology enables a single person to capture a project space using a terrestrial 3D scanner, such as as the Matterport Pro3. Once the space is scanned and uploaded, it can be reviewed, analyzed, and shared later as a cloud-based digital representation. 


Texas Heatwave Dry Cracked Soil


Reducing Onsite Time with Digital Twins and 3D Scanning

Time spent on site directly correlates to exposure to heat-related risks. Digital Twin technology in AEC creates a real-time, digital replica of your construction space, reducing the need for physical presence. Matterport's 3D scanning is quick and remarkably accurate, significantly minimizing your team's time exposed to the heat.


Using the innovative Pro3 camera, scans take twenty seconds. So, even large and complex projects can be completely captures in an hour or a few. Less time on site equals lower labor costs, reduced travel expenses, and a more budget-friendly project without compromising quality.


The Unmatched Accuracy and Reliability of Matterport

How accurate is Matterport? Typically, under standard conditions, the margin of error is impressively close to 1%. While certain conditions like temperature fluctuations could affect this precision, the reliability of Matterport ensures that you're making decisions based on dependable data.


Streamlining AEC Operations Safely with Matterport

Matterport transcends tech gimmickry; it's a vital tool for enhancing construction safety. The technology provides real-time feedback, high-quality scans, and MatterTags to facilitate effective collaboration while minimizing onsite personnel. The digital twin in the cloud is accessible from anywhere, further promoting safety and convenience.


Matterport cloud-based platform


Staying Ahead with Compliance and Safety During Heatwaves

Using Matterport, you're not just meeting but exceeding safety regulations. The technology's 3D scans furnish detailed records, demonstrating your commitment to proactive heat risk mitigation.


Future-Proof Your Operations with Matterport

Escalating temperatures is a harsh reality, but Matterport's scalable solutions offer predictive and risk-averting strategies for your AEC projects. Matterport doesn't just allow you to adapt; it prepares you for future challenges. Explore more about this on Optimizing AEC workflows with Digital Twins.


Assessing the Innovation and Effectiveness of Matterport

There's no question about it—Matterport is effective. It's a disruptive innovation redefining how we comprehend and handle risks, such as extreme heat, on job sites.


In fact, according to a recent case study, projects that integrated Matterport's digital twins experienced a 20% reduction in onsite accidents and a 15% increase in project efficiency. These metrics are not just numbers; they translate to real-world savings and improved safety records.


Explore Matterport Case Studies here.


Matterport Summary

Combat extreme heat challenges effectively with Matterport and TAVCO. Turn your job site into a safer, more compliant digital twin using our technology.


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