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Part four of our multi-part series on the Leica BLK3D Imager focuses on organizing and sharing 3D images. Previously, we covered how you can use the Leica BLK3D for taking stereo camera 3D pictures so you can take measurements directly from the image using sophisticated photogrammetry technology.

Besides being a reality capture device, the BLK3D is also a very competent DISTO unit that lets you to take accurate laser measurements. But, once the pictures and data are collected. How do you deal with them? How to you keep them organized and share them with others? 

Leica BLK3D Header Image

It is all done through the Organiser function via the BLK3D application that comes preloaded on the BLK3D. 

Before we dive in, let us clear the air, Organiser is NOT misspelled. Leica products are made in Switzerland, and that is the preferred spelling in Europe.

Now that's is clear, let us get into how you can organize, export, and share files with the Leica BLK3D Imager. Choosing Organiser from the main menu of the BLK3D App displays this screen.

Open Plans Category - Leica BLK3D


All the Plans and 3D Images are stored in four categories:

  • All
  • Projects
  • 3D Images
  • Plans

All the exported files are stored in Exports category folder

Organiser Menu - Leica BLK3D


Open the category "All". All the Plans, 3D Images and Projects are stored. Use the "Select" button to select an item. Different actions are available:

  • Share
  • Move to Project
  • Rename
  • Tag
  • Delete

BLK3D Ograniser - Projects

Open the category "Projects".

Press the "Project" button to create a new Project folder.

Plans and 3D Images can be moved into project folders.

Create and save a new Project - BLK3D

Open the category "Projects".

Press the "Project" button to create a new Project folder.

Plans and 3D Images can be moved into project folders.

BLK3D Ograniser - 3D Images

Open the category "3D Images", where all the Reality Capture 3D Images are stored.

Organiser Menu - 3D Images

Press "RC" button to switch to Reality Capture to take new 3D Images.

Take a new Reality Capture Image - Leica BLK3D


BLK3D Ograniser - Working with Plans

Open the category "Plans". All the Plans, including Plans with 3D Images attached, are stored.

Press "S&D" button to add a new Plan.

Adding a new Plan - Leica BLK3D

BLK3D Ograniser - Exporting Files

Open the category “Exports” where you can find all the PDF, JPG and CAD exported files

Open, Sort, Rename and Delete any file

Select a file and Share it in the preferred format

Exporting Files - Leica BLK3D Organiser

How to share files

Select the item and press the Share button on the toolbar.

Select one of the available exports format.

Export File Types - Leica BLK3D Organiser

3D Images can be exported in the following formats:

  • JPG
  • PDF

Plans can be exported in the following formats:

  • JPG
  • PDF
  • DXF 2D
  • DXF 3D
  • DWG 2D
  • DWG 3D

Icon Status When Processing Files

When the BLK3D Imager is used for Stero 3D Images, you will notice a small checkbox in the upper right hand side of the screen. This indicates if the picture has been properly processed as either a single-shot or multi-shot image.

Organiser Image Icon Status - Leica BLK3D


3D images processing status is shown on the thumbnail:

  • Single shot: single green mark
  • Multi-shot: double green mark
  • Failed multi-shot: red mark and green one
  • No marks: 3D image not processed yet

GPS Handling

GPS location for each 3D image in PDF report

Click on the link to open Google Maps

GPS Handling of Files - Leica BLK3D Organiser

Image Group (New Feature)

New to the latest BLK3D firmware update, v. Image Group functionality is for 3rd part photogrammetry applications (i.e. Agisoft Metashape Professional) are supported by the BLK3D. Please note, the Leica Image is NOT able to process image groups locally on the device. It simply provides a way to collect image groups and keep them organized for external applications.


Again the Leica BLK3D shows off exactly how innovative it is. Besides the built-in DISTO and Reality Capture functions, the powerful onboard Organiser Application allows users to easily organize, export, and share images with others. But, don't be intimidated by all of this technology. The BLK3D is very easy to learn and it intuitively functions like a typical smartphone. Try it yourself and capture jobsite data like a pro in record time.


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