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This is part two of our multi-part series regarding the mobile applications of the innovative Leica BLK3D Imager. Last time, we explored capturing reality via photogrammetry - the ability to take measurements from stereo image photos.


Now, we detail how to take extremely precise laser measurement distance readings with the BLK3D for general distance, verification, or point-to-point calculations.


It is important to point out that the Laser Measure function is included out of the box, in the basic version of the device - no software upgrades are needed. 


Start taking laser measurements by launching the BLK3D application from either the main menu or side access menus.


Launch Laser Measure - Leica BLK3D

User Interface

Once launched, everything is clearly displayed and easily accessible in the user interface.

Laser Measure Interface - Leica BLK3D
  1. Main functions bar
  2. Live camera image of laser point (double tap on the screen to zoom in)
  3. Measurements & calculations list


Note: Drag the list up or down to see more results or camera view


Measure distance

To take a laser measurement, you simply need to press either the main middle DIST button

Side DIST button.


Buttons to measure distance - Leica BLK3D

Measurements will be shown in a list at the bottom of the screen.


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Change the Base Measurement Setting

Different situations dictate different needs. The BLK3D easily adapts to your needs by allowing you to change change the start point of the laser.


Change the Measurement Base - Leica BLK3D
Options to change the laser measurement device start point
  • Back of the device
  • Front of the device
  • With corner adaptor
  • DST 360 extension (optional accessory - purchased separately)

Change the setting under Base to fit your measurement setup


Clear Data from the Measurement List

Removing old data from the list is easy. Simply swipe left on a distance to remove it from the list.

Or, you can click Clear so remove all the entries from the list.



Clear historical laser measurement data - BLK3D



Measurement Tool - Area, Volume, and Smart Horizontal

Choosing laser Tools from the command bar lets you take and record several different types of measurements.



Area Volume or Smart Horizontal Measure - BLK3D


  • Area
  • Volume
  • Smart Horizontal

Functions will be displayed on the bottom of the screen


Add & Subtract Measurements

Fine tune your measurements even further by adding or subtracting values when needed.


Add Subtract Measurement Values - Leica BLK3D



Measure a distance

  1. Click Calc to start the functions
  2. Add
  3. Subtract
  4. Measure another distance

Calculation will be automatically done


Tracking Measurement

Track the minimum or the maximum distance to an object

Tracking Min and Max - Leica BLK3D laser


To start the function hold for 2s one of the buttons:

  • Main DIST button
  • Side DIST button


Point to Point Measurements with Leica DST360 Adapter

Pairing the Leica BLK3D with a DST360 Adapter (sold separately), enables the Imager to take accurate point-to-point (P2P) measurements. This is provides a quick and easy way to measure large areas, such as a facade, or other object for either distance or area dimensions.


Point to Point Measurements - Leica BLK3D



  1. Install the BLK3D on the DST 360 adapter
  2. P2P Laser mode will be automatically enabled
  3. Select P2P Distance or P2P Area from Tools
  4. Measure P2P distances or areas or add P2P distances to Reality Capture measurements!


Verify 3D Photogrammetry Measurements

Now that you have collected some pictures with 3D data, use the Laser Measure function to directly verify any image measurements.

Verify 3D Image Measurements
  1. Select the line to verify
  2. Click Laser measurement
  3. Measure laser distance
  4. Click to confirm and compare the measurements


Export Measurements

Sharing images and measurements with others is really easy with the BLK3D.


Export laser measurements - Leica BLK3D Imager


Export a PDF of all the measurements and calculations created

Open Export from Tools > Export

Select the values you want to share and click Export


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The BLK3D is a remarkable system. Not only can it capture 3D images with stereo cameras, but it also serves as a precise laser measurement tool. Use it to measure distances, areas, volumes, and horizontal heights. Taking measurements in the field just got faster, easier, and safer with a Leica BLK3D Imager and laser measurement machine.

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