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AEC professionals are constantly searching for tools to meet and exceed their project management aspirations. Imagine a future where virtual visualization isn't just more precise—it's a dimensionally accurate mirror of your job site.


This reality exists, and the synergistic power of Matterport and Procore offers it. Embrace this game-changing integration and discover a new realm of efficiency, transforming every detail into a measurable, manageable, and collaborative 3D encounter.


The Matterport-Procore integration melds seamless site capture with a streamlined workflow, real-time coordination with strategic scheduling, and field productivity with financial foresight.


Let's explore how the combination of Matterport's immersive visualization and Procore's renowned management tools is reimagining project oversight, honing transparency, and sculpting the future of the AEC industry—one success story at a time.


Procure RFI note in a Matterport digital twin

 Procore RFI in a Matterport Digital Twin 

Elevate Your Project Oversight with Matterport's 3D Clarity

3D Clarity is no longer just a futuristic dream. With Matterport, AEC teams can capture every nuance of their job sites, creating digital twins that serve as a project's visual and spatial cornerstones. This unparalleled Clarity ensures that planning is grounded in reality, fostering proactive site issue identification and significantly enhancing project oversight.


Streamlining Workflows for Project Management Mastery

Matterport's integration with Procore revolutionizes project management by turning complex workflows into a streamlined symphony of efficiency. By bringing visual context to every project phase, teams can manage milestones with newfound transparency, foster strong stakeholder relationships, and embrace a holistic approach to record-keeping that drives projects to successful and timely completion.


Capture site conditions accurately and share with your team

 Accurately capture site conditions and share with your team.

Capturing Site Conditions Accurately and Collaborating Effortlessly

Gone are the days of guesswork. Matterport's precise 3D scans with a Pro3 LiDAR scanner and Procore's management capabilities mean that accurate site conditions are readily available, reducing unnecessary site visits, facilitating swift issue resolution, and enabling on-point collaborative efforts directly on the 3D model with clear, visual context.


Reducing Errors and Saving Time – The Profitable Equation

In AEC, time is undeniably money, and errors are the nemesis of efficiency. Leveraging the Matterport-Procore integration equates to fewer mistakes, thanks to the laser-accurate digital context and streamlining RFI and Coordination Issues process, ensuring that both time and capital are conserved—cornerstones of a sound ROI strategy.


Advanced Integration for Start-to-Finish Construction Solutions

Enhanced project visibility is at the heart of the Matterport-Procore integration. The latest app updates have made it easier to upload and access critical data like BIM files and MatterPak™ directly within Procore documents, reinforcing a collaborative environment that runs without hitches from conception to closeout.


Installation and Activation – Your Gateway to Futuristic AEC Collaboration

Stepping into this integrated world is as straightforward as it is impactful. The integration hinges on having a Matterport business subscription and a Procore account with appropriate permissions. Once installed from the Procore App Marketplace, users can enjoy a cohesive platform invigorating traditional workflows with modern 3D capabilities.


Integrate procure from your Matterport account

  Activate the integration of your Procore and Matterport accounts to link them.

Real-World Case Study: Matterport and Procore in Action

BR Building Resources - CA

Design and construction firm B.R. & Co., renowned for its expertise in healthcare facility construction, turned to digital solutions to meet strict compliance and patient safety standards.


Leveraging the Procore platform, the company streamlined document management, centralizing information crucial for all project stakeholders. By integrating Matterport's 3D scanning technology with Procore, B.R. & Co. enabled virtual site tours, enhancing collaboration and helping meet deadlines by allowing stakeholders to "remote-in" to 3D digital twins of sites.


This approach has proven particularly effective for the Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital project, linking RFIs to these digital twins for fast, accurate responses, cutting days off response times, and resolving 75% of issues independently.


Additionally, the use of Matterport has reduced the necessity for in-person inspections, aligning with OSHPD regulations and saving significant time and money.

Matterport Procore Integration FAQs

How does the Matterport-Procore integration enhance project management compared to traditional methods?

It offers a consolidated visual reference streamlining teamwork, communication, and decision-making, enhancing efficiencies and clearer insight across all project phases.


What are the specific requirements to take advantage of the Matterport-Procore integration?

A Matterport Business plan or higher and a valid Procore account, along with a one-time installation and setup by an account administrator, set the stage for optimized usage and collaboration.


In what ways can the Matterport-Procore integration reduce project costs and improve ROI?

The integration yields time savings, reduces resource waste, and uplifts project ROI by minimizing site revisit needs, curtailing errors, and streamlining the management process.




As the AEC industry hails the arrival of innovative technology, Matterport's synergy with Procore stands out for its ability to respond to current demands and anticipate project management's future needs. The integration provides an essential conduit for precision, collaboration, and improved fiscal outcomes.


You Can Count on TAVCO

Embrace a partnership that promises efficiency, profitability, and cutting-edge technology. Join us at TAVCO, where we are committed to the success of your next AEC project. Ready to take the next step?

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