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If you don't like the technology in the AEC industry, wait five minutes, and it will change. Luckily, most professionals embrace new with open arms. After all, anything that can save time dramatically impacts the bottom line. So, AEC pros gravitate to digital twins hosted on the Matterport platform


Matterport's cutting-edge technology is breathing new digital life into as-built projects. Let's dive in as we explore the power of Matterport through the lens of the most pressing questions asked by industry professionals. 


Discover how this groundbreaking tech is reshaping project planning, empowering execution with precision, and forging unprecedented pathways for stakeholder collaboration. 


Take measurements directly inside the digital twin. 

How Accurate are Matterport Digital Twins?

Matterport's revolutionary approach delivers measurements that are accurate to within 1% of reality under normal conditions, bridging the gap between digital planning and tangible results.


The technology behind Matterport's Pro2 Camera and the more advanced Pro3 LiDAR scanner is remarkable. 


With an accuracy down to 50 millimeters at 10 meters for the Pro2 and an even more impressive 20 millimeters for the Pro3, Matterport provides finer detail than many traditional measurement methods.


Additionally, jobsite measurements can be obtained swiftly without requiring a team to spend days onsite taking manual measurements. Just one person can efficiently complete the entire capture process.


This level of detail enhances complex planning, ensuring every digital incarnation mirrors the real world. 


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 Easily share your 3D model and collaborate with your team and stakeholders.


Does Matterport Integrate with BIM/CAD?

Once you've captured your space and uploaded it to the Matterport platform, the door opens to a suite of customizable options. Choose to download a MatterPak, a file bundle with an OBJ file ready to slot into most CAD platforms, or if precision is vital, opt instead for an optional high-definition e57 file directly from your account.


Consider the success story of HH Angus, a pioneer in their field who harnessed Matterport BIM Files for a data center project. Using Matterport's technology, they reduced scan-to-BIM processing time from four days, which required two workers, to less than two days for one and a half people – cutting out over 40 hours of labor. 


This dramatic efficiency gain reduced the time spent and materially cut costs, underscoring the significant advantages of Matterport in project workflows.


For those looking for a challenge-free integration, Matterport can simplify the process further by providing a LOD 200 Revit model—everything you need for your BIM package to be quickly delivered. 



Is it Possible to Create As-Built Documentation Using Matterport Technology? 

As your project progresses, the value of a Matterport digital twin becomes clear. These digital models provide dimensionally accurate views unparalleled in the industry, essential for creating comprehensive as-built documentation. With Matterport, it's as if you can walk through every project phase without ever leaving your office.


But the benefits extend beyond simple documentation; they're about uniting your entire project team, no matter where they might be. Once your project is scanned and securely uploaded to your Matterport account, you gain access to an array of assets, such as Matterpacks, e57 files, and advanced BIM files, all designed to streamline collaboration.


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What's the learning curve to start using Matterport technology effectively? 

The Matterport app is known for its user-friendliness and intuitive design. Start by opening the app on your mobile device and connecting to the camera via WiFi, and you're ready to begin scanning. Visual feedback on your scanning progress is automatic, ensuring you always catch every spot.


Upon completion, the app gives you complete control over the final product, allowing for the marking of windows or mirrors and the trimming of unwanted data. Upload your scan to your Matterport account, and the powerful Cortex AI will swiftly process your job. 


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Scanning outside with a Matterport Pro3 LiDAR scanner


How Can Matterport Help in Remote Collaboration Among Project Stakeholders? 

Collaboration in the digital age should be seamless, and Matterport ensures it remains so by enabling crystal-clear communication among distributed project teams. 


The convenience of these digital twins is undeniable: update, annotate, and share your scans in real time with your team, eliminating misunderstandings and resolving issues before they can escalate.


There's no more need for costly and time-consuming in-person site visits, as Matterport's life-like digital spaces are open for exploration anytime, anywhere. Imagine saving hours of travel, cutting down expenses, and keeping your project ticking along smoothly—all through the magic of virtual site inspections.


Are Matterport Digital Twins Usable for Virtual Pre-Construction Walkthroughs with Clients? 

Virtual reality is transforming pre-construction planning, and Matterport is a testament to this evolution. Matterport's digital twins don't just outline a project; they imbue it with realism and detail, enabling clients to visualize their space fully. 


Clients and designers can collaborate to refine design concepts and establish layouts before the ground is even broken, solidifying plans and preventing last-minute, costly changes. Matterport bridges the divide between those onsite and those miles away, ensuring everyone is on the same digital page. 


In our connected world, a link is all it takes to share these tangible ideas, ensuring your project stays on course. Ready to transform your pre-construction walkthroughs? Matterport is your stepping stone into efficient project planning.


What is the Quality of the Digital Twin in Poorly Lit or Highly Detailed Environments? 

Regarding the quality of digital twins created in environments where lighting is less than ideal or the details are intricate, Matterport's Pro3 LiDAR scanner stands out for its exceptional performance. 


The Pro3 scanner leverages advanced laser technology and cuts through the darkness like night vision, illuminating and capturing the finest details with remarkable precision.


The Pro3 LiDAR scanner excels in these challenging environments by emitting its light, enabling it to reproduce spaces accurately. Whether you're working in a dimly lit historical building or examining the complex infrastructure of a mechanical room, the scanner's high-fidelity output ensures that every nuance is noticed. 


This detail-oriented capture process translates into robust, reliable data that can be used to make detailed measurements, identify potential issues, and aid in making informed decisions for your project, irrespective of the lighting conditions or complexity of the space.


Aside from improving visibility, the Pro3 LiDAR scanner's impressive capability allows you to plan meticulously. With data you can trust, your planning becomes foolproof. 


The scanner actively documents every detail and preserves these elements throughout your project's evolution. This precise level of detail empowers architects, engineers, and construction professionals to confidently model and review designs, mitigating risks and avoiding costly oversights.


Doing so ensures that your digital twin is a true-to-life representation of the physical space, providing an invaluable asset for designers, engineers, and stakeholders who rely on detailed virtual models for planning, design revisions, and client presentations.


Ultimately, the Pro3 LiDAR scanner by Matterport is an indispensable tool for professionals who require precision and detail in all conditions. 



Matterport's technology is steering the AEC industry toward a future where collaboration knows no boundaries, from cost-saving efficiencies to project-enhancing precision. Are you ready to illuminate your next project with Matterport's cutting-edge technology? Connect with us today, and let's carve a path forward together.


Are you interested in seeing how Matterport can make your next project more accessible, more accurate, and truly collaborative? 


Contact us for a consultation. We are happy to visit with you and your team. Your projects deserve the clarity, precision, and ease that Matterport can bring—embrace the change today.


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