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As an AEC professional, you've witnessed how digital innovation propels the industry forward. Yet, one critical piece of the technology puzzle often goes unnoticed—your plotter.  


With cyber threats increasingly targeting every node of business networks, it's time to ask: does your plotter safeguard your workflows or jeopardize them? 


This article examines the intersection of efficient large-format document management and cybersecurity, highlighting how the new HP DesignJet plotters, fortified with HP Wolf Security, are not just tools but shields for your sensitive data and projects. 



The Critical Role of Plotters in AEC Projects 

In the AEC world, where every detail matters, outdated plotters can be the bottleneck that undermines both efficiency and security. While you focus on building the future, let's ensure your foundational tools don't become a weak link in protecting your creative blueprints from prying cyber eyes.


Unseen Risks in the Shadows of Outdated Technology: 

  • Printing Speed and Reliability: Legacy plotters may slow down your project timelines due to their lack of speed and higher maintenance needs, impacting client satisfaction.

  • Network Vulnerabilities: With cybercrime escalating to a multi-trillion-dollar global issue, outdated plotters can be the unintended backdoor for cyber-attacks due to inadequate security protocols.

  • Eco-footprint: The energy inefficiency of old plotters can conflict with the AEC industry's push towards sustainable practices, increasing operational costs and environmental impact.


 Embracing Efficiency and Security 

TAVCO, as a trusted dealer partner of HP, proudly presents HP's DesignJet large-format printers, backed by the robustness of HP Wolf Security. In the digitally dependent business world, printer systems are often the neglected gateway to cyber threats.


Statistics suggest that only 22% of companies actively safeguard their printers against these threats, leaving a massive space for potential breaches like identity theft, loss of competitive advantage, heavy fines, and reputation damage.

HP's DesignJet printers tackle this overlooked aspect with a compelling security layout, making them the safest large-format printing products on the market. They thoughtfully secure your devices, data, and documents by identifying and covering multiple potential vulnerability points in a printing environment.

Features like HP Secure Boot and Whitelisting ensure authentic firmware for every startup, and a unique admin password system aids in maintaining an added layer of ever-present security. Continual monitoring is made possible by the HP Security Manager, and data is encrypted while at rest and during transit.

Users can implement encrypted PIN protection with confidential print jobs, ensuring document confidentiality. And to stay updated, the user-friendly HP JetAdvantage Security Manager simplifies firmware upgrades.

AEC companies that partner with TAVCO to deploy these HP DesignJet solutions equip themselves with state-of-the-art, proactive defense against cyber threats, avoiding potentially expensive breaches and non-compliance penalties. Indeed, HP DesignJet printers secure not just your data but also your peace of mind.

Read the Forrester Report: Mastering Endpoint Security in a Hybrid World >>


HP Wolf Security: Plotting a Path to Peace of Mind:


Integral Defense System

From secure start-up to encrypted data transfers, HP Wolf Security shields against intrusion and keeps your focus on design innovation rather than data breaches.

Proactive Protection

The dynamic nature of HP's security ensures your plotters stay ahead of the threats, minimizing the need for constant oversight.

Built for the AEC Ecosystem

These plotters integrate seamlessly within AEC workflows, enhancing collaboration without compromising safety or quality.

Learn more about HP Wolf Security in this brochure.


Meet the Next-Generation HP DesignJets

Introducing the HP DesignJet XT-950 and XL-3800—plotting powerhouses designed to excel in performance and protection. They are the epitome of printing innovation, taking security to an unprecedented level with HP Wolf Security.

The XT-950 offers improved productivity and efficiency with high-volume jobs, achieving speeds of up to 120 D size 24x36 prints per hour. It comes packed with exemplary Wolf Security, a feature that ensures secure network operation and data protection, mitigating against the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.

Likewise, the XL-3800 plotter, designed with AEC innovators in mind, focuses on three core pillars: Seamlessness, Security, and Sustainability. Its seamless operations enable effortless 1-click printing and scanning while allowing unattended remote workgroup printing.


Like the XT-950, it uses Wolf Security to safeguard valuable data, offering robust real-time monitoring tools and impenetrable defense against cybersecurity threats.

This plotter also boasts an environmental pledge. Its construction uses a significant percentage of recycled materials, reflecting HP's commitment to responsible manufacturing. The XL-3800 upholds speed with a print capacity of 6 D-size color pages per minute and a 20-second first print-out time.

Therefore, the XT-950 and XL-3800 plotters, backed by HP Wolf Security, are up-and-coming solutions for businesses concerned with high performance, efficiency, and maximum security. 



Sustainability In-Print

The HP DesignJet series outperforms and aligns with your green goals, using sustainable materials and operating with energy-conscious efficiency—a win for both your bottom line and the planet.


Charting Your Upgrade Strategy

Elevating your plotting equipment isn't just about adopting new technology; it's a strategic move to future-proof your business. Consider your current setup's performance shortfalls and risks and explore how the HP DesignJet XT-950 and XL-3800 can dovetail with your growth ambitions.

Conclusion: Innovate with Confidence

Staying stationary in a digitally accelerating landscape is a risk modern AEC entrepreneurs cannot afford. Embrace the HP DesignJet plotters and turn potential vulnerabilities into fortified strengths, ensuring your projects—and reputation—remain unassailable.

If you want to enhance your AEC practice with cutting-edge plotting solutions that promise exceptional performance and ironclad security, contact TAVCO for a consultative discussion. Together, let's build a future where your operations are as resilient as they are innovative.

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