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Move over old-school, legacy toner-based plotters. The HP DesignJet XL-3800 MFP is here to redefine large-format printing for AEC professionals—faster, greener, and budget-friendly.

Why the XL-3800 Stands Out

This next-gen plotter takes precision and durability to new heights, leaving toner-based machines in the dust. It's quicker, eco-conscious, and wrapped up with top-notch security.

Quick Specs to Know

Speed: 6 D-size color pages per minute; 20-second first printout.

Ink: 100% pigment-based HP Flex Inks in 500ml cartridges.

Connectivity: LAN, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct options.

Software: Integrates with HP Command Center and Smart Stream.

HP DesignJet XL-3800 MFP System

Pictured: HP XL-3800 at the official HP launch in Las Vegas, 2023

Save Big with XL-3800

Regarding fiscal responsibility, the HP DesignJet XL-3800 outshines traditional toner-based plotters. With an average print cost of $0.09 per square foot, compared to the $0.15 per square foot of older toner models, the XL-3800 offers remarkable cost-efficiency. 


Since the XL-3800 is a full-color machine, color lines cost the same. So, over a year, that translates to an annual savings of approximately $1,080 for a typical firm printing 1,500 square feet monthly.

The 5-Year Advantage

Considering the total cost of ownership over five years, the XL-3800 could save your firm an impressive $5,400 compared to traditional toner-based plotters. These aren't just savings; they're opportunities for reinvestment in innovation, staff, and other mission-critical resources for your projects.


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Why Pigment Ink Matters

HP Flex Inks deliver durability, color saturation, and detail, meeting AEC standards for archival quality. They're long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


Pigment inks are incredibly resilient and are fade-proof and water-resistant. So, you can take your printing drawings to the field worry-free. Plus, when you highlight, markup, or redline your sheet, the ink stays in place and does not bleed. 


HP XL3800 Pigment Inks Produce Amazing Images

Pictured: Mixed-image prints look great with XL-3800 pigment inks.  


Rock-Solid Security:

Asset Protection: The XL-3800 has layered security features to preserve your vital data.

Continuous Monitoring: Stay in the driver's seat with live supervision of all print jobs.

HP Wolf Security: A comprehensive safeguard against the ever-shifting landscape of cybersecurity threats.


Commitment to Sustainability:

Eco-Friendly Design: A green choice that aligns with the sustainability goals of leading AEC firms.

Use of Recycled Resources: From device to packaging—sustainability is a core focus.

Beyond Tree Conservation: HP champions environmental stewardship with proactive measures to reduce waste and boost recycling.

Future-Ready and Built for AEC

Incredible speed, impenetrable security, and efficiency make the XL-3800 tailor-made for AEC demands. Adaptable, risk-minimized, and compliant, this plotter sets the stage for tomorrow's AEC requirements.

Partnering with TAVCO: A Legacy of Trust and Reliability

When you choose the HP DesignJet XL-3800, you partner with TAVCO, a name synonymous with trust in the AEC industry. Our longstanding commitment to quality and service reflects our flexible offerings, quick support, and solid after-sales support. 


We're not just a vendor; we're your strategic partner for scalable, future-ready solutions. From custom bundle options to tailor-made financing plans, TAVCO elevates your buying experience, ensuring you receive not just a product but a comprehensive solution. 

XL-3800 Wrap Up

The HP DesignJet XL-3800 is more than a printer; it's a complete solution that changes the game in large-format printing. It's not just an operational upgrade but a transformative investment for AEC professionals.


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