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Engineering companies embrace technologies to create innovative solutions for their client's most complex challenges. For example, to improve collaboration and streamline the workflow, many are transitioning to a 100% Building Information Model (BIM) environment and increasingly using Matterport digital twins to generate 3D BIM models.


Matterport Case Study - HH Angus

HH Angus Engineering

HH Angus, a company dedicated to engineering excellence for over 100 years, has turned to new technologies to streamline its workflow and improve collaboration among team members.

To minimize training on multiple software platforms, the company is moving towards a 100% Building Information Model (BIM) files environment, focusing on using Autodesk Revit as its primary platform. To aid in this transition, HH Angus has implemented Matterport digital twins to generate models that allow faster start times and improved collaboration among team members.


Rapidly Capture Spaces

In recent years, HH Angus has captured over 700 spaces in digital twins using its Matterport Pro2 cameras. This modern workflow has led to a reduction in the cost of site surveys by half, as well as a reducing the need for repeat site visits.


Quickly capture 3D spaces with a Matterport Pro2


The team used the Matterport Pro2 camera to capture mechanical facilities at the Toronto Western Hospital throughout a multi-year, multi-phase project, referring designers, engineers, and owner-operators to the Matterport 3D digital twins throughout the project lifecycle.


Order BIM Files from Matterport Account

When Akira Jones, Director of Digital Services at HH Angus, heard about the new Matterport BIM Files service, he was excited about the potential to accelerate workflows by providing Revit-ready models.


Matterport Addons


Jones explains that the cost of creating BIM files from scanned data is high, and even outsourcing it can be expensive. With Matterport BIM Files, it is possible to deliver orders for a 20,000-square-foot space within four to five days. And orders for spaces of less than 5,000 square feet are offered in just two to four days.


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Final Thoughts

HH Angus has seen significant improvements in modeling efficiencies using Matterport BIM Files. In addition, the convenience and ease of use are unmatched. The team can quickly and easily order Revit-ready models with just a few clicks in the Matterport portal, saving time and effort during busy periods.

Clients notice the improvements in efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, HH Angus has benefited from the level of detail and accuracy in the models produced by scanning jobs with a Matterport camera to collaborate better and communicate with their customers and project partners.

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Read the full Matterport Case Study here:

About HH Angus

HH Angus, established in 1919, is a prominent private consulting engineering firm in Canada. They offer services to various industries, including commercial, healthcare, institutional, transportation, and industrial, with technology, energy, and sustainability expertise.

HH Angus is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

The company operates within the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry.

They have a total workforce of 250 employees.

Their goal in using Matterport 3D technology is to enhance efficiency and encourage collaboration on engineering projects.

The Matterport products include Matterport BIM Files, The MatterPak Bundle, and Matterport Pro2 cameras.

To improve productivity, they use Matterport BIM Files services that connect MatterPak scan data directly into Revit projects without requiring manual downloading, uploading, or conversion.

Using this solution, they have saved over 40 person-hours in BIM file creation time for the company's staff in recent projects.

Additionally, they are saving clients money by reducing costs to create BIM files by over 70%.

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