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The HP DesignJet T2600 large-format multifunction printer is a game-changer for architects and engineers who demand high-quality, accurate, and fast printing for their blueprints and designs. The T2600 is part of the long-standing DesignJet series and offers a range of features that make it a top choice for professionals in the architectural and engineering fields.

Benefits of a HP DesignJet T2600 Plotter Printer

Fast printing

A significant benefit of the T2600 is its fast print speed. Given that the T2600 has a sustained printing speed of up to 180 D/hr, the T2600 is one of the fastest printers in its competitive circle. This throughput means architects and engineers can quickly print their designs and blueprints to meet deadlines and stay on schedule.

HP DesignJet T2600 MFP

Stay Organized with the Internal Stacking Tray

The DesignJet T2600 includes an integrated document stacker that allows users to print and organize up to 100 printed documents. Users of legacy plotters will appreciate not having to hand-sort and manually collate multiple sets of drawings.

Precision fine-line printing

The T2600 prints quickly with high accuracy. Fine details are crisp and clear compared to other printers. This accuracy is partly thanks to its use of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), which is Adobe’s high-speed, high-fidelity print platform. The APPE ensures that architects and engineers can print detailed PDF drawings, maps, and renders with precise, accurate line quality and crisp text.


2 Media Rolls

The HP T2600 is available either as a single-roll or two-roll MFP system. The “dr” part of the T2600dr nomenclature showcases the difference between the model with “dual paper rolls.” Two media rolls allow architects and engineers to print on two different media types or sizes without manually switching out the rolls.


It fits Easily into Your Space

The small compact footprint and quiet operation of the DesignJet T2600 make it an excellent choice for architects and engineers who want to minimize the impact of their printing equipment on their workspace. In addition, it produces 87% less noise than other printers, making the T2600 one of the quietest printers in its class. This quiet operation empowers companies to use it in shared workspaces or open offices without worrying about disturbing employees.

HP DesignJet T2600 easy print retrieval

IT Security is Paramount

Finally, the T2600 is also one of the most secure large-format printers on the market. It includes advanced embedded security features, such as HP Secure Boot and whitelisting, to ensure that only authorized users can access the printer and its confidential documents.


This security architecture gives both IT professionals and business owners peace of mind. As a result, all HP DesignJet large format printers boast the best systems security in the industry.



The HP DesignJet T2600 multifunction printer series is a powerful tool for architects and engineers who demand high-quality, accurate, and fast printing for their blueprints and designs. With its fast print speed, automatic print stacking, highest accuracy and finest details, dual rolls, collaboration-oriented design, compact footprint, quiet operation, and advanced security features, the T2600 is a top choice for professionals in the architectural and engineering fields.

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