Double Matte Inkjet Polyester Film - 4DMI (4 mil)

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Size: 22"x 125' (1 roll) - 2" core
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Canon 4DMI inkjet double matte film is made with 100% polyester, providing high-quality results. It features a double matte surface, an inkjet matte finish, and a drafting coating on the back. This finish makes it perfect for both printing and hand drafting.

The 4DMI is 4 mil thick, providing excellent line density and character reproduction. Plus, the fast drying time allows for immediate handling of your prints. At the same time, the moist erasable pencil lines on the back make revisions a breeze.

The water-resistant coating protects your prints from spills and moisture, and the dimensionally stable polyester film is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, making it great for long-term storage.

This double matte film is compatible with traditional piezo, thermal inkjet printers, and the ColorWave 9XX series printers. In addition, it's recommended for monochrome and color printers and is perfect for diazo reprints, photographic reproduction, or final prints.

Print on the side opposite the label for sheets and the outside of the roll for rolls for the best results. Print in a dust and dirt-free environment at 60-85°F (10-35°C) with 30-70% relative humidity. Also, repack the opened rolls when not used, and check and clean your cartridge before printing.

Optimize your printing with Canon 4DMI inkjet double matte film.

  • Caliper: 4DMI: 4 mil / 3DMI: 3 mil
  • Opacity: 60% • Smoothness: Inkjet side <30
  • Whiteness: > 79 CIE
  • pH: Not Acid-Free

*target values

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