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BricsCAD is not just another CAD software; it's a high-performance, professional DWG CAD platform designed for versatility. So, what exactly is BricsCAD software used for? 


It is a dynamic CAD application in various industries, from interior design to civil engineering and architecture. A growing community of professionals who value flexibility, compliance, and the assurance of future-proofing their design workflow are giving a nod to BricsCAD


BricsCAD vs AutoCAD: The Landscape

While the future of AutoCAD may be up for debate, one thing is clear: BricsCAD is emerging as a strong player in the DWG software arena. See how BricsCAD compares to AutoCAD in this article.


DWG remains the most popular CAD format globally, and BricsCAD excels in DWG compatibility. BricsCAD is not just surviving but thriving in the USA, positioning it as one of the fastest-growing CAD software platforms.


BricsCAD Launcher Menu: Customization and Compatibility>

BricsCAD adopts a one-platform, one-installer approach. This model ensures seamless compatibility with native .dwg files for 2D and 3D design. Can you open AutoCAD files in BricsCAD? Absolutely! 


This compatibility makes the transition from other platforms straightforward. Additionally, you can tailor your experience by selecting a license level that precisely caters to your immediate CAD software needs, whether 2D or 3D.


BricsCAD Launcher v23

BricsCAD Launcher: all versions of BricsCAD are accessible here

Structure Browser: Your Organizational Ace

If you've ever inherited a messy drawing, you'll find solace in BricsCAD's Structure Browser. This feature neatly arranges all the elements in a CAD drawing into an easy-to-navigate tree structure, making it easy to find, sort, and manage various design components.


It's a godsend for professionals who often grapple with complex files, particularly when utilizing CAD software for production and form and fit work. The Structure Browser lets you sort, group, and turn off unneeded entities, streamlining your workflow.


BricsCAD Structure Browser v23

BricsCAD Structure Browser: A directory tree view of all entities in a drawing 

Drawing Health: The Smart Cleaner

BricsCAD comes with the Drawing Health tool, a suite incorporating unique features like the Purge Command and Overkill. This tool streamlines your drawings by removing unnecessary objects and merging duplicate blocks. It automatically uses AI to handle repetitive tasks, freeing your time for more critical work.


BricsCAD Drawing Health v23
BricsCAD Drawing Health: Automated tool for cleaning up bloated drawings


Is BricsCAD Easy to Learn? Absolutely.

With its intuitive user interface, similar command aliases to AutoCAD, and a toolset neatly organized on the Ribbon, BricsCAD offers a low learning curve. Whether you're a newcomer or transitioning from another platform, BricsCAD is impressively easy to learn.


Output and Compatibility: The Silent MVP

While the focus is often on design and editing tools, output capabilities are just as critical. BricsCAD ensures your output seamlessly fits into your existing workflow, whether printing on paper or exporting to PDF. This reliability is crucial across various fields, from interior design to engineering.


BricsCAD Output v23
Paper Space and printing options in BricsCAD are similar to other CAD programs. 


Help and Support: Because Time is Money

New users of any software can run into issues. BricsCAD has built-in help tutorials and a rapid-response support team that guarantees a reply within 48 hours for customers with active maintenance. 


Extensibility and Future-Proofing: Your Investment Secured

BricsCAD comes with an open API and a robust third-party app ecosystem. So, you can develop custom scripts and apps, easily integrating or scaling them as your project needs to evolve. Secure your investment by choosing CAD software that is as agile as your projects require.


Wrap-up: Make the Smart Switch

BricsCAD isn't just a temporary alternative; it's a long-term solution. Offering a smooth transition from other CAD platforms, BricsCAD leverages your existing skills for immediate productivity gains. It's a high-value, no-compromise professional CAD solution that assures long-term ROI.


Next Steps

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About Bricsys

With over two decades of experience developing world-class design and engineering software, Bricsys is part of the €5.2 Billion company Hexagon AB.

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