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Waterproof plotter paper is a type of print media specifically designed to be used with wide-format printers, also known as plotters. This type of paper is made from synthetic materials resistant to water, making it ideal for outdoor applications or in environments where the paper could be exposed to moisture affecting the overall quality. 

Waterproof Paper Benefits

One of the key benefits of using waterproof plotter paper is that it allows users to create high-quality prints resistant to water damage. This means that the prints will not smudge or fade when exposed to moisture, making them ideal for use in various applications.

For example, waterproof plotter paper is often used to create maps, diagrams, and other types of technical documents that may be used outdoors or in other challenging environments.

Waterproof Paper Durability

In addition to its waterproof properties, waterproof large format paper is also highly durable and resistant to tearing. This makes it ideal for use in applications where the paper may be handled frequently or subjected to rough conditions.

For example, waterproof plotter paper is often used to create construction plans, architectural drawings, and other types of technical documents that may be handled frequently.

Waterproof Paper Image Quality

Another advantage of using waterproof paper is that it produces high-quality prints with sharp, clear lines and vibrant colors. This is because the synthetic materials used to make waterproof plotter paper are specifically designed to be used with wide-format printers capable of producing very high-resolution prints.

As a result, waterproof print media is often used to create detailed maps, diagrams, and other technical documents requiring clear, crisp prints.

Inkjet Waterproof Plotter Paper Options

Canon 6008 8 mil Polypropylene Banner Material

Canon 6008 Polypropylene banner

This film is designed for short-term outdoor graphics and works exceptionally well in retractable trade shows and interior displays. It is weather-resistant and water-resistant when used on traditional aqueous pigment printers.

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Canon XTRM 27lb Xtreme Bond

This paper is durable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant media recommended for Canon ColorWave printers using CrystalPoint Technology and other aqueous inkjet machines.

It contains a thin layer of plastic between the paper to enhance its tear resistance. When used with pigmented inks, XTRM paper gives you the perfect solution for a waterproof paper that offers you outdoor durability not typically found in the aqueous inkjet platform. 

Shop Canon XTRM Bond


Canon OBSCRM Scrim Vinyl Banner

Canon OBSCRM Scrim Vinyl Banner

This material is A 15 mil, tear-resistant, bright white, scratch-resistant scrim vinyl banner material with block-out layer that is perfect for high-quality banners.

Canon OBSCRM is comprised of tear-resistant polyester fabric embedded between two layers of white vinyl, with a block layer and a waterproof matte coating.

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Overall, waterproof papers are an essential tool for anyone who needs to create high-quality prints that are resistant to water damage. Whether you are creating maps, diagrams, or other types of technical documents, waterproof plotter paper can help you produce clear, sharp, and durable prints, making it a valuable addition to any printing arsenal.


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