KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner (16 mil)

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Size: 24" x 40' (1 roll)
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Packaged as a 1-roll carton 2" core

KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner: Exceptional Durability Meets Unmatched Quality

Discover the unmatched excellence of the KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner, your key to creating high-impact visuals that transcend time and environmental challenges. Within its 16-mil, scrim-reinforced vinyl lies a masterful fusion of durability and visual appeal, setting forth a new benchmark in banner solutions.

Unrivaled Durability for Enduring Impressions

The KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner defies the elements, is scratch-resistant, and water-resistant. This banner material ensures that your graphics not only dazzle upon first glance but also maintain their vibrancy and integrity, unruffled by weather changes. 

Its sturdy design promises an extended lifespan for your masterpieces and simplifies handling, smoothing your path toward fulfilling large-scale banner requests with unparalleled ease.

Spectacular Visual Narratives with Exceptional Quality

Amplify the power of your visual narratives with a superior white point that elevates the luminosity and contrast of your imagery, breathing life into each graphic with stunning clarity. 

Designed for versatility, whether showcased indoors or braving the outdoors, this banner material assures visuals that seize attention and etch memorable impressions.

Economically Smart Solutions for Large-Scale Endeavors

Embrace the perfect synergy of cost-efficiency and high-caliber performance with the KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner. 

Its robust construction and operational excellence empower you to boldly undertake significant banner projects, assuring your clientele of tremendous value without the shadow of compromise.

Seamlessly Compatible for Creative Unleashing

This scrim banner is crafted for compatibility with thermal and piezo printing technologies and seamlessly fits into your existing production workflow. 

This seamless integration paves the way for unleashing creative potential and elevating project productivity while maintaining the integrity and quality of your output.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Durability: 16-mil thickness partnered with scrim-reinforcement

  • Resistance: Advanced scratch and water-resistant capabilities

  • Visual Appeal: Outstanding white point for vivid, impactful visuals

  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with thermal and piezo printing methodologies

Whether your goal is to create a stir at a trade show, enchant passersby with breath-taking outdoor banners, or forge promotional materials that endure beyond the moment, the KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner emerges as the supreme choice for unparalleled quality and performance.

Step Into the Future with KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner

Unlock the untapped potential of your graphic projects and command the competitive market with this premium banner substrate. 

Elevate your visual impact and redefine standards with the durability, elegance, and unmatched quality of the KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner. Secure your investment in excellence today and watch your visions come to life, time and again.

 Product Group KODAD Water-Resistant Scrim Banner
Media Type Banner
Package Configuration 1 Roll
Core Size  2 inches
Technology Aqueous - Dye & UV/Pigment Inks

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