KODAK Universal Backlit Film (8 mil)

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Size: 24" x 100' (1 roll)
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Packaged as a 1-roll carton 2" core

Illuminate Your Vision with Stunning Durable Displays

Elevate your backlit displays with KODAK Universal Backlit Film. This heavyweight, high-performance film delivers exceptional image quality, unmatched durability, and a smooth workflow, making it the perfect choice for creating impactful signage in high-traffic areas.

Key Benefits:

  • Vivid Color Reproduction: Achieve exceptional pigment and dye image quality with rich, vibrant colors that captivate your audience.
  • Fast and Efficient Printing: Experience high-speed drying times that streamline your printing process and minimize downtime.
  • Universal Compatibility: This versatile film works seamlessly with dye and pigment inks used in thermal and piezo inkjet printers, ensuring hassle-free printing.
  • Durable Performance: The robust, macroporous coating resists flaking and scratches, even when cut, making it ideal for long-lasting displays.
  • Built to Withstand the Elements: The water-resistant construction makes this film suitable for outdoor applications, ensuring your message remains vivid, rain or shine.

Ideal Applications:

  • Trade Show Displays: Create eye-catching backlit booths that grab attention and leave a lasting impression.
  • Retail Signage: Design high-impact backlit signs that showcase your products and promotions in style.
  • Airport & Transportation Signage: Deliver transparent, durable, backlit displays that guide passengers and enhance the travel experience.
  • Museum & Exhibition Graphics: Produce stunning backlit visuals that bring your exhibits to life.


KODAK Universal Backlit Film is the perfect blend of quality, durability, and affordability for all your backlit display needs. 

 Product Group KODAK Universal Backlit Film
Media Type Film and Backlit
Package Configuration 1 Roll
Core Size  2 inches
Technology Aqueous - Dye & UV/Pigment Inks

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