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In the dynamic world of 2023, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals often grapple with choosing the proper plotter or printer. While cost is a crucial factor, the value delivered by a PostScript model, especially for high-quality graphics and technical documents, is significant.

This article explores why a PostScript printer is a suitable investment for AEC professionals prioritizing precision, quality, and efficiency.

What are Postscript Plotters? 

Renowned for their exceptional output quality, PostScript plotters are the go-to choice for producing detailed technical drawings, blueprints, and architectural plans. Utilizing PostScript – a universal printing language – these plotters guarantee consistent and accurate results across diverse applications, making them indispensable in the AEC industry.

Postscript allows the printer to render text and graphics accurately and precisely on the page. And, because Postscript is a page description language, it is used for printing documents that integrate text, images, and color area fills.


HP Postscript vs non-postscript output

Pictured: Postscript output vs non-Postscript printing on HP DesignJet 


This attribute means that your documents and images will have sharp, clean lines

Improved Image Quality: With PostScript, expect unparalleled text and graphics rendering accuracy. This quality ensures crisp lines and smooth color transitions, crucial for plans and drawings where clarity is non-negotiable.

Enhanced Image Technology: Experience reduced banding and superior output quality thanks to advanced smooth shading and high-resolution gradient fills. These features are vital for presenting detailed architectural and engineering projects.

Increased Font Set: The extensive font set available with PostScript printers adds a professional touch to all documents, ensuring that every submission meets the high standards expected in the AEC sector.

Direct PDF Printing: Given the prevalence of PDF formats in AEC project plans, the ability of PostScript printers to print PDFs streamlines workflows, enhancing productivity directly.

Flexible Print Job Submission: Catering to the dynamic needs of AEC professionals, these printers support various submission methods, from USB and network folders to email and cloud options.

Examples of popular HP Postscript Plotters

DesignJet XL-3800 MFP

The HP DesignJet XL-3800 MFP is a game-changer for AEC professionals who demand high-quality printing and fast turnaround times. This multifunction printer boasts impressive speeds of up to 6 A1/D color pages per minute, significantly outpacing its competitors.


HP DesignJet XL-3800 - 6 D-size sheets per minute printer Pictured: HP XL3800 MFP (6 D-size sheets per minute postscript printer)

With a first-page-out time of just 20 seconds, the XL-3800 eliminates waiting and keeps your projects moving forward. This powerful machine also features HP Flex Tech Inks, ensuring vibrant colors and environmentally friendly printing.

Whether printing complex CAD drawings, colorful renders, or large-scale presentations, the HP XL-3800 MFP delivers exceptional performance and sustainability, making it a top choice of Postscript-enabled printers for demanding professionals.

DesignJet XL-3600 PS

The XL 3600 is HP’s mid-level PS printer designed for light production printing. The onboard Postscript allows for the direct printing of PDF files. This feature is crucial to the workflow of today’s AEC firms, and most architectural drawings and construction plans are shared as PDF files.

HP DesignJet XL3600


This DesignJet XL offers many ways to submit a print job. These options include direct printing from a USB flash drive; a network shared folder, email printing, HP driver for Windows, HP Print Service for Android, Apple AirPrint driver for macOS and iOS, and others.

Learn more about the HP DesignJet XL3600 PS

DesignJet Z6 PS Printer 

The HP Z6 is a printer designed for professional photographers, graphic artists, designers, and print providers who want to create high-impact indoor prints reliably and accurately. Postscript lets these users produce incredibly high-quality images. In addition, onboard PS helps the machine print faster by processing complex files with the PDF engine. 

HP DesignJet Z6 PS Printer

The HP Z6 plotter can also emulate PANTONE colors for complete color accuracy. Like the other DesignJet models, the Z6 offers multiple ways to submit print jobs. These options are via Apple AirPrint, direct printing from a USB flash drive, email printing, HP Click, HP driver for macOS, HP driver for Windows, HP driver for Linux, printing support for Chrome OS, HP Print Service Plugin for Android, HP Smart app for iOS and Android, HP SmartStream.

Learn more about the HP DesignJet Z6 PS Printer


In 2023, the choice between cost and quality is more relevant than ever for AEC professionals. While initially more expensive, PostScript plotters offer unparalleled benefits that translate into long-term savings and efficiency gains.

Their exceptional printing quality, versatility, and ease of maintenance make them a prudent investment for any AEC professional aiming to produce top-tier work regularly.

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