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Large-format plotters are still valuable in today's fast digital world. People still use them in the workplace; in some ways, they are more relevant than ever. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals use plotter printers to meet their needs in new and exciting ways. They are often used for dynamic purposes other than printing architectural drawings.


Picture creating beautiful, detailed designs with vibrant colors that bring them to life. That's the power of modern inkjet printers. This article can help you pick the best wide-format printer to meet your needs. It focuses on the advanced features of Canon and HP DesignJet plotters. Your quest for the perfect plotter begins here.


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Canon TM 355 and HP DesignJet T1600 – User-Friendly Options for Small Businesses and Architect Printers

Architects often wonder how to choose the best plotter for their needs. The Canon TM 355 and HP DesignJet T1600 are user-friendly options for small businesses and architect plotters. Both series support various media types and offer a user-friendly interface, making it easy for professionals to navigate and manage their printing tasks.

Pictured: Canon TM-350 CAD Printer


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for architectural drawings and some color renderings
  • Targeted towards small businesses and architect plotters
  • Supports various media types
  • User-friendly interface

Canon TX Series and HP DesignJet T2600 MFP – High Performance for Professional Workgroups and Engineering Printers

For engineers, the Canon TX Series and HP DesignJet T2600 MFP offer high performance and versatility. Professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction can benefit from the diverse capabilities of these wide-format printers.


HP DesignJet T2600 MFP
Pictured: HP DesignJet T2600 MFP


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fast printing speed
  • Ability to print on various media types
  • Integrated scanner for added convenience
  • Ideal for engineering printers and architectural printers

HP XL-3600 and XL-3800 MFP – Fast and High-Performance Plotters for Architectural and Engineering Needs

The HP DesignJet XL-3600 MFP and the new, innovative XL-3800 MFP are fast, high-performance plotters designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction. These wide format printers offer advanced features, such as automatic roll loading and high printing speed, perfect for handling large workloads.


HP DesignJet XL-3800 MFP - 6 D-size sheets per minute
Pictured: HP DesignJet XL-3800 MFP


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fast printing speed
  • Automatic roll loading
  • High-performance capabilities
  • Ideal for architect plotter and engineering printer applications

Canon GP Series – Innovative Color Capabilities for Enhanced Appeal in Architectural Printers and Map Printing

The Canon GP Series offers innovative color capabilities, ideal for architectural printers and map printing applications. Using Canon's exclusive Radiant Infusion technology in this wide format printer series results in bright and soft color reproduction by layering Fluorescent Pink Ink with other inks onto the paper surface during printing.

Canon GP-200
 Pictured: Canon GP-200


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Innovative color capabilities
  • Ideal for stunning visuals and map printing needs
  • Radiant Infusion technology
  • Fluorescent Pink Ink for enhanced appeal

Canon PRO Series – High-Quality Printing for Posters, Banners, and Fine Art with Architectural Printers and Engineering Printers

Canon designed the PRO Series for high-quality posters, banners, photos, and fine art printing. These graphics printers utilize the LUCIA PRO ink set in the 11-color models, including a Chroma Optimizer that can be added to prints on photo paper to produce more pristine images with no bronzing or metamerism.


Pictured: Canon PRO 4100S with 2nd Roll


Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality printing for posters, banners, photos, and fine art
  • LUCIA PRO inks provide durable prints that are fade-proof and water-resistant
  • 1 or 2 roll configurations
  • WiFi-ready
  • Capable of printing on a wide range of print media

Printing and Maintenance Costs Considerations

When purchasing a multifunction plotter, it is essential to consider the ongoing maintenance costs in addition to the initial upfront cost of the equipment. For example, high-performance printers graphics printers have more ink channels and can tend to be more expensive to operate. 


So, machines like the HP Designjet Z6 and Canon PRO 4100S are not the best fit for monochrome line drawings but do fantastic work with renderings, maps, and posters. 


When it comes to end-user care, it is best to replace ink cartridges and print heads soon after being prompted can add to the ongoing cost of the printer. Also, it is best to keep the machines powered up regardless of manufacture. This is because the new generation of wide-format printers is intelligent and capable of regulating self-care. 


Since the latest inkjet plotters take care of themselves better, the overall maintenance cost has dropped significantly, especially compared to legacy toner-based plotters. You can learn more about that in our Toner vs. Inkjet article


Choosing the Best Large-Format Printer for Your Needs

When selecting the best plotter printer for your architectural or engineering needs, it's essential to consider factors such as printing speed, media type compatibility, and advanced features. By exploring the various options offered by Canon imagePROGRAF and HP DesignJet plotters, you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements.


Whether you need a user-friendly option for small businesses, a high-performance plotter for professional workgroups, or a printer with innovative color capabilities, there's a wide format printer out there. Explore our collection of large format printers and find the ideal plotter to optimize your designs and bring your projects to life.


For more information about technical and multifunction printers, check out our Complete Guide to Canon Large Format Printers and Reasons to Buy a PostScript Printer Plotter.

You Can Count on TAVCO for Plotter Printers

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What features do you consider most important when choosing a plotter printer for your architectural or engineering needs? Let us know in the comments below!

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