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Matterport, a leading provider of digital twin technology, has partnered with Autodesk® Construction Cloud (ACC) to introduce a new app that promises to revolutionize collaboration and communication throughout the project lifecycle.


This integration streamlines documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and communication across construction projects, making it easier for project teams to visualize site conditions, identify potential issues, and avoid costly delays.


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Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud


Integrating the Matterport app with ACC, which Autodesk Platform Services power, provides project teams with advanced features to transfer Matterport add-ons, including BIM files, to ACC, improving communication efficiency using the visual site context from Matterport digital twins.


With this integration, all stakeholders involved in construction projects, from architects and engineers to contractors and owners, have access to a shared digital twin, enabling them to easily visualize site conditions and identify potential issues before they impact budgets and schedules.


Use Matterport with Autodesk Construction Cloud
Label RFIs using Matterport with Autodesk Construction Cloud


Revolutionizing Traditional RFI Processes


The integration of Matterport and ACC transforms the conventional Request for Information (RFI) processes by incorporating synced Matterport digital twin RFIs. This integration enables project teams to promptly create and track RFIs by utilizing a visual system of record of site conditions, resolving issues without delay.


By placing an Autodesk RFI pin at the precise location of concern in the Matterport digital twin, stakeholders can view the RFI within the same site context, reducing delays caused by misunderstandings and accelerating coordination.


Streamlined Collaboration Efforts across Project Teams

The integration has significant benefits for all stakeholders involved in construction projects. Owners can benefit from improved communication and collaboration among project teams while ensuring the timely delivery of their projects.


Contractors can benefit from streamlined workflows that allow them to complete their work on time while minimizing errors and rework. Likewise, architects can benefit from greater visibility into how their designs will be implemented in the field while being able to suggest changes as necessary.



Using Matterport for Improved Collaboration in Construction Projects

Matterport can be used to improve collaboration among stakeholders in construction projects. The Matterport app for ACC allows project teams to quickly visualize site conditions and identify potential issues before they impact budgets and schedules.


The app also allows users to send Matterport add-ons such as BIM Files and MatterPak directly into their ACC projects, manage, collaborate, and share their Matterport add-ons with design and build teams within ACC, and create and track RFIs within a Matterport digital twin that sync with ACC bilaterally.


Cost and Availability

The Matterport app is available today in the Autodesk App Store for all supported regions. An active Matterport Business subscription plan or above is required to use the integration. The cost of Matterport varies depending on the subscription plan chosen. The Business subscription plan starts at $69 per month.


What is Matterport?

Matterport is a 3D scanning technology that creates immersive 3D models of real-world spaces called digital twins. Use these virtual models for various applications, including real estate marketing, architecture and design, construction documentation, and facilities management.

What are digital twins?

Digital twins are virtual models replicating real-world environments, providing stakeholders with a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of a physical asset or space. These models integrate real-time data from sensors and other sources to simulate, monitor and optimize their performance.


Matterport ACC Integration Conclusion

Integrating Matterport with Autodesk Construction Cloud is expected to be a significant development for architects, engineers, and construction professionals.

By leveraging Matterport digital twin RFIs, construction teams can collaborate more efficiently, leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders involved in construction projects.


The new Matterport app for ACC offers powerful functionality for project teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively, ultimately improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing decision-making in the construction industry.

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