Leica TRI 200 Aluminum Tripod

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The Leica TRI 200 is a robust surveyor-grade tripod designed for professionals navigating demanding conditions and challenging terrains. Crafted from durable aluminum, the TRI 200 withstands harsh weather, outlasts its counterparts in durability, and offers superior stability, surpassing even the conventional TRI70 model.

The TRI 200 has a 1/4" tripod thread, seamlessly integrating all Leica DISTO and LINO products. But its versatility doesn't stop there. The TRI 200 can effortlessly accommodate a wide array of camera applications, including adapters for Matterport scanners, making it an all-in-one solution for your precision needs.

The TRI 200 goes beyond supporting your work—it augments it. Like construction-grade tripods, it provides a robust platform for accurate measurements and high-definition photography. 

Whether capturing architectural marvels or documenting detailed project progress, the TRI 200 ensures consistent reliability.

Precision need not compromise convenience. The TRI 200 features a Quick Flip Handle, facilitating swift, hassle-free leg leveling—a real-time-saver in your fast-paced work schedule. Its rubber feet protect your work surface even as it stands firm.

Transporting the TRI 200 to your worksite is a breeze, courtesy of the included soft bag with a practical carry strap. Despite its robust structure, it is easily portable—the tripod weighs a mere 2.3 kilograms, and the soft bag offers added protection during transit.

Designed for light commercial use, the TRI 200 can handle a weight limit of 6.6 pounds. It offers an adjustable height range from a compact 0.7 meters up to a maximum of 53.5 inches, catering to your varied project needs.

For use with Leica DISTO, please purchase the TA360 Adapter, FTA360-S Adapter for Leica S910, & FTA360 Adapter for Leica D810.

The Leica TRI 200 isn't just a tripod—it's an integral tool that underscores your commitment to precision and excellence in every project. Incorporate the TRI 200 into your toolkit today, and experience firsthand the difference that unparalleled quality and reliability can bring.

Product details:

1/4"-20mm Male Threaded Adapter

Quick Flip Handle For Hassle-Free Leg Leveling 

Sturdy Aluminum Construction 

Light Commercial Use 

Compatibility: Cameras, Web Cams, Video Cameras, and more 

Material: Aluminum 

Item Weight: 2.3 Kilograms 

Weight Limit: 6.6 Pounds Adjustable Height: 0.7 Meters (Min) - 53.5 Inches (Max)

Leica TRI200

Product number: 828426


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