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PosterArtist is an application that allows you to create poster projects and banners.

It is designed to be used by all levels of users to create professional-posters, banners and signage in just four easy steps.

This template driven poster creation tool for PCs was developed by Canon specifically to create large-format posters quickly and easily.

Complete Software Package Includes many ready-to-use templates, photos, and clipart images. Over 2,000 total assets included. 
Easy, Yet Powerful, Editing Features Easily modify photos, text, or backgrounds without tedious editing operations, to create posters with impact. 
 Auto Design Feature Auto Design feature combines the Dynamic Layout Engine (an automated layout tool that determines the positioning of elements such as images and text) with built in professional design expertise.
Design Check Feature After the poster has been fully designed to meet your needs, PosterArtist provides a proofing function to make sure your print has no design issues
File Sharing Format PosterArtist files created in the latest version of PosterArtist can be saved in a new file format: .cpfx. This file format includes all the poster data (template, clip art, text, etc.), allowing other users with the latest version of PosterArtist to open the complete file.

Page Capture Feature

The Page Capture feature of PosterArtist gives the user the flexibility to send Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or graphs in Excel spreadsheets to insert into PosterArtist posters.

Whether you are in a grocery store, elementary school, or commercial office, you can be certain that you will come across plenty of opportunities to capitalize on large-format posters. 

After all, posters are a very effective method for conveying messages, ideas or any type of information.

So, tap into the power of this poster design software and gain the ability to design posters, signs, banners, and more. 

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