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If you are in the market for a new wide format system, you should take a look at the Canon TX 3000 plotter printer.

More than just another inkjet plotter - or MFP system, the Canon TX-3000 is a force to be reckoned with. It simply offers the best of Canon technology across the board. 

Since conceived, the TX 3000 is specifically designed to replace legacy toner-based plotters. Unlike those monochrome machines, the TX3000 allows you to print, copy, and scan in full color. 

This supports the changing needs of construction documents. Let's face it, construction technology is changing at a mind-numbing rate. In a lot of ways, some printing has been replaced by digital workflows. 

The truth is that printing construction plans will still be in fashion for a while. But, the needs are changing. Color printing and scanning is now paramount across all disciplines. 

The bottom line is that companies of all kinds need a more dynamic printing solution and the Canon TX 3000 does not disappoint. 

Canon TX 3000 boast a new 2nd roll option

Under the Hood

The TX 3000 includes a completely re-engineered print head, pigment ink set, and, the unique Canon Sub-ink system.

Plus, the Canon TX 3000 offers an optional 2nd roll assembly. This is a very powerful option as the MFR (multi-function roll) can be used as a 2nd media source, or as a take-up roll for long prints.

Another brand new feature offered with the TX Series is Wi-Fi connectivity. Since the TX-3000 ships with an internal network card, you now have the choice to connect via hard-wired or wirelessly. This allows the machine to be placed in more places than ever. 

All About That Ink

Another fantastic innovation is the incorporation of Pigment inks. Both the entire family of Canon TX and TM printers utilize 100% pigment ink! That means No More Dyes!

This is a big deal because pigments are the same types of inks that are usually found in professional graphics printers.

They are more durable than dye-based inks, fade-proof, and water resistant.  

Sub Levels

Just like previous Canon models, the TX-Series utilizes a sub-ink system for ink delivery.

Essentially, ink from the replaceable tanks, transfers to a sub-ink reservoir, before traveling through the plumbing headed to the print head. 

Canon sub ink system

This ensures that every drop of ink from the replaceable tanks is utilized. Plus, you can even change ink "on the fly," while the machine is still printing.

When it comes to productivity software, Canon give you the hook up. Several powerful programs are included with every TX printer, or they are readily available for download on the Canon website

With applications such as Direct Print & Share, or Accounting Manager, or PosterArtist Lite, you will be able to gain even more value from the system.

You can send custimized print jobs, create awesome looking posters, and track your printing costs. 


Canon TX 3000 MFP with Colortract Color Scanner


The TX 3000 -- and the larger TX 4000, are both powerful printing platforms for CAD printing, GIS, Maps, and other Business printing applications.

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