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Without a doubt, the Océ ColorWave 500, by Canon, stands out as one of the most unique and innovative large format systems on the market today. The driving force behind its uniqueness is the one-of-a-kind printing technology used by the ColorWave – Océ CrystalPoint Technology. This is a process where small TonerPearls, each about the size of a paint ball, are heated to a gelled state before they are precisely jetted onto the print material. The concept is like inkjet, but since the TonerPearls are, in fact, toner and not ink, all of the frustrating issues experienced with traditional inkjet plotters are absent—wet media, curled prints, smudging images, etc.

Although there are many advantages for this type of process, we’ll focus solely on the wide range of print materials available for the system. Why? Because the Océ ColorWave 500 hosts the largest available selection of media options for a printer of its class.

Best Paper Choices for Oce ColorWave 500

Paper for Engineering Applications

At its core, the ColorWave 500 is a color CAD printer. However, it is dynamic enough and robust enough to function equally well as both a full-color system as it is a black/white CAD plotter. Likewise, for many companies, monochrome CAD and color lines remain the primary function. For this reason, Canon offers a variety of engineering bond media:

Engineering Film

Although the need for transparencies is a bit uncommon today, there are still instances when a film original is still needed. This can often be the case regarding final submittals to municipal agencies. These entities usually require film construction plans for extra durability and dimensional stability. In that case, the ColorWave 500 easily handles these film types:

Océ Media for Color Specialty Applications

One of the most exciting aspect of the Océ ColorWave 500 system has been its ability to produce professional graphics quality prints on just about any print media. Although it is certainly capable of producing top-notch results on standard bond paper, sometimes a special media is beneficial to the project. Some great examples of this include maps, banner, POP, POS, retractable displays, outdoor short-term posters and signage.

With these media choices, it is amazing to see how architects, engineers, and construction companies are expanding their horizons to print in all new ways. In fact, many companies who own an Océ ColorWave 500 system now print their own marketing materials in addition to their CAD and BIM projects. Therefore, they no longer need to outsource this work and the result is faster-turnaround and better quality control.

Want to expand your wide-format printing capabilities?

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